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Leaving PlusNET


Leaving PlusNET

I am seriously considering leaving Plusnet today. All I have to do is click on the 'move my adsl button' under my account settings and i will be taken through a process to get a MAC key. Is this correct?

My reasons are mainly based on the customer service issues. I am not prepared to pay good money for half a service. Technically the service has been OK, however, lately, there has been issues for me.

However, from a customer service point of view I am no longer able to speak to anyone and haven't a clue now how to send a ticket. It appear that Plusnet have forgot the fundamentals of busness.

Please advise me about the MAC code. Hope I am doing the right thing.
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Leaving PlusNET

Hi there,

The move your adsl button should be used for a house move. On other words, if you're going to be moving house, but want to keep your service with us.

You'll need to go to

Select Customer service and billing
Select Account Management
Select Move to another Broadband Provider
Make your choice from the list provided and then request your MAC Code.

Leaving PlusNET

Hi there,

The Move Tool is for an entirely different process.

That is used when moving home / premises and if you want to take your broadband with you.

The correct procedure is via the help & Support centre using Customer Services and Billing and the option to move to another provider is there.

Hope that helps.

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