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Leaving - LLU, lockins, charges, poor services.


Leaving - LLU, lockins, charges, poor services.

So after 4 years, I'm gone.

And through the delay tactics, shifting policies and being bounced around from pillar to post with regards to my cancelling, I was effectvely forced into staying 4 months longer than I wished.

Lovely. Nice little earner, hey Plusnet.

and there are of course other members with the LLU lockin.

This ISP has gone from being one that I heartily recommended and thoroughly enjoyed using to one that I shout from the highest rooftops to run away from, and am actively changing my clients away from also.

My account is cancelled tomorrow, so goodbye all.

Plusnet, you could have made this simple. waived the 47 quid - not expect me to pay it on the verbal promise of a refund, refunded me the extra month I was stuck with you whilst I waited for my LLU code. But no. You had to dog your heels in.

And then, after all this - insist on ANOTHER months notice to quit my account even though you know that I' raised the mac code, and was going through ISPA to complain about not being able to leave.

What is ridiculous is that this will cost you more in lost revenue that if you had have let me go; Geeks are great referrers, but we make even better negative reviewers. And we are listened to by our clients. That's why they ask us stuff.

This will probably get locked as not being support related, or being inflamatory or some such. I hope not. I just wanted to let anyone else being locked in that they are not an isolated case.