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Leaving F9


Leaving F9

here is a quick question, hopefully a member of cs can answer

earlier this month i migrated out of F9, due to the constant changes with the packages and not knowing from one month to the next what was happening, with no official statement except finding out via the forums.

I have transferred to a PAYG customer so I can still keep email addresses, and post feedback and help through the forums. But I have the following question.

If my billing month was the 27th of each month, and I migrated out on the 15th, would I get a refund on the remainder of the month, especially after all premier services were cancelled, the day I migrated. If not then shouldn't some of the extra features associated with the account still be active until the end of the billing period....

hopefully someone can answer this for me


Leaving F9

Well you have paid for it, so i would have thought so.

You might get the refund on your billing date of the 27th March

Leaving F9

From my recollection, you give 30 days notice to transfer out. if your billing date comes after you have notified your intention to migrate out it should still be paid. At the end of your 30 day notice period, any payment amount outstanding should be refunded to you. Notice the should here. I have seen postings in the newsgroups where ex customers have had to pursue the refund as I believe it is not an automated process.


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Leaving F9

i dont think you will get a refund.
I had the same trouble, infact i had asked to be disconnected, but the representative had actually mis-interputed my email and left it running.
We had two accounts running for the best part of 6 months at £49 a month, and only one being used.

I sadly did not get a refund, just a couple of months free security package Shockedops:

i shouldnt get your hopes up.

As a valued customer (i have independantly chosen our company to use force9, and myself personally at home, and one other relative, i would have thought they might have swinged a better compensation) obviously not