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Latest email from PN

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Latest email from PN

I received the PN Newsletter yesterday. And an "Update about your broadband service" today. They seem very similar.

The second email seemed a general email about all products and not about MY broadband service (BB+). A better email would have included the latest guidelines on BB+ usage (which needs to mention FTP by the way).

Two paragraphs in the second email worry me:

How does this affect me?
You will get a free upgrade to faster speeds, if your line will support them. We will be updating all our broadband products to reflect the faster speeds, with some customers also seeing price reductions - find out more at

If you're already paying for an up to 4Mb or an up to 8Mb product and we find that you cannot get these speeds, you will get a refund of any extra money that you have paid, providing you have not taken advantage of the higher levels of usage available on these products. We'll contact you in the coming weeks with more details about this if it applies to you.

The first paragraph tells me I "WILL" get a free upgrade. The link and second paragraph tell me my monthly costs depend on the speed I use.

The conclusion from this is that monthly costs will go up for customer's on all products who get a speed increase (unless they are already paying the higher cost). And this will happen without asking us.

I can't believe PN will actually do this. Time for more clarity?

I've read a lot of good news in this forum about BB+. It's this news I think should be passed on to BB+ customers. Not a rehashed newsletter.

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Latest email from PN

Ok from the Upgrade guide

Product Now From April
Broadband Plus Up to 2Mb for 14.99 Up to 8Mb for 14.99
Broadband Plus Up to 4Mb for 24.99 Up to 16Mb for 24.99
Broadband Plus Up to 8Mb for 34.99 Up to 24Mb for 34.99
Broadband PAYG Up to 8Mb for 14.99 Up to 24Mb for 14.99
Broadband Premier Up to 2Mb for 21.99 Up to 8Mb for 21.99
Broadband Premier Up to 4Mb for 29.99 Up to 16Mb for 29.99
Broadband Premier Up to 8Mb for 39.99 Up to 24Mb for 39.99

Hope this helps

The 2nd paragraph is only for people who are on the 4mb or 8mb packages and ae currently recieiving 2mb come april if they find they can't get 4mb or 8mb then they will be refunded the extra money they have been paying
Posts: 68
Registered: 08-08-2007

Latest email from PN

Oh heck. I didn't read far enough across the table.
Thanks Andy.


Mods - can we kill this thread - pretty please.


Latest email from PN

No worries. Locked at the OP's request. Smiley