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Landline compare is misleading

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Landline compare is misleading

Heavily so in fact:

Landline rental & calls £11.00 (Anytime) £15.00 (Anytime+)

Should really be:

£11+ cost of BB package or £15+ cost of BB package

Having a BB package with F9 is part of the overall deal so must be included in the compare price, as you cannot get the land line calls withou having a F9 BB package:

31. Can I move my broadband to another provider and keep my calls package?
No, you need to be a Force9 broadband customer to benefit from our landline packages.


£20.99 £30.99

Its actually £11.99 line rental + fee for the "extra options" i.e. option 2 option 3.

As far as I can tell, the 18 month contract only kicks in on the Talktalk 3 international option.

£11.99 + £9.99 does not equal £30.99, Talktalks most expensive package is £11.99 line rental + £9.99

Inclusive calls should be moved to Free calls:

Unlimited number of inclusive calls to any local and national UK landline number, anytime.

Which means they are not inclusive, but are free (free for 70 minutes per call that is, but then hang up and redial)

Talktalk1 gives free calls to other talktalk customers, and is only £11.99 per month, inclusive, no other calls are free though.

Basically your comparison is heavily misleading, and if you were to run a TV advert quoting these figures the ASA would slap you down very quickly.

/edit - comparing with Talktalks Broadband package:

£20.99 per month + "free" broadband + free local/national/international calls + 40GB allowance, as your package is a Phone line AND broadband package, that really is the plan you should be comparing with.
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Landline compare is misleading

Yes, the comparison is somewhat inaccurate. But, as with most marketing, always tell half the story!
Well, I did register an interest when asked by f9 a while ago. BUT, given the current csc situation, I would hold off even thinking about making a decision to change. Interestingly, in latest e-mail shot from f9, they say:
'By switching to Force9, you'll be getting our
award-winning customer service for your phone, lower call rates and the Force9
website to service your account.'

What award has it already won?
I wonder if there will be a 'premium rate' call to discuss queries regarding phone service accounts or otherwise?


Landline compare is misleading

Hi Robin,

They DONT HAVE any award -winning customer service!! this is pure F9 bull & hot air invented to make it sound like F9 are better than they are. This is typical of the crass rubbish now being spouted, why F9 Plusnet cannot be honest is beyond me thats why I'm seriously looking for another providor I'm sick and tired of all the bull to put it politely. And the withdrawl of technical support is the last straw frankly. F9 have alienated their own customers & refuse to listen, their too far up themselves to listen. Frankly its sickening!! :roll: :roll: I have no respect left for those running F9, F9 was once a brilliant ISP not any more sadly. Call me cynical YES! totally for sure!!