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Lagging, no ftp access, generally slow all evening?


Lagging, no ftp access, generally slow all evening?

Lo all,

Ive tried keeping quite and refrain from whinning, but this aint funny any more Sad

I would post some pix of ma in-game latency issues (cs 1.6, cl_flush packet entity), but i cant connect to my webspace, so jus take my word for it.

So, wat can i do to sort this general latency issues of late?

ive used kitz tweaking site (mtu, rwin etc), which did help alot, especially when i was on BT before i joined +net.

Obviously i cant cancel my contract as it is an annual commitment, but when +net cant provide a reliable service, what do i do? :S

Trying to remain positive, perhaps there is a general lag issue atm?

neways ive ranted enough, jus checking if its jus me....again... :S

FYI im on Business Broadband 2mb 20:1, see if this maxdsl sorts it out (billing date 22apr), should be fun