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Lack of service


Lack of service

Im getting really P****D off now, not only have F9 not regraded my account yet as promised (on my billing date) but now they have removed the telephone support and more irratatingly hung up on me 6 times, i hear this crazy women saying that i must use the support pages to resolve my question, even though it cant find the answer im looking for and then it cuts me off.

I am now soooo utterly upset i want to leave, but need a MAC address, i am in utter dispear, can someone please either regrade my account to shut me up, or show me the nearest exit!!

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Lack of service

not only have F9 not regraded my account yet as promised

As far as I was aware they hadn't laid out any kind of timetable, they have just said (at least originally) your account will be upgraded on a billing date, May, June, July, August, etc...

If you want to get your MAC code the simplest method is to open a ticket

Lack of service

Thanks for the advice.

Ticket raised.


I would like to arrange cancellation of my account please. As i understand it, i am not under any commitment period therefore should not suffer any penalties for this decision. If i mistaken then please advise.

Otherwise can you please send me a MAC code (?!) so that i can make the necessary arrangements with an alternative supplier.

This page also requests to give reasons for my decision, these are as follows:

1. The product now being supplied to me is not what i signed up for, so much so that i actually signed up for F9's services simply becuase of the substance of its packages, and this has now been removed.

for example: you have removed newsgroups (which i use religiously), telephone support is non existent and no doubt other features will begin diminishing shortly.

2. You keep moving the goal posts regarding "Fair Usage", one minute your doing it, the next your not, then you are, - where is the realiability factor here?

3. Has anyone actually taken the time to read the forums lately? there are more upset customers than i have ever noted before, and yet response levels from F9 reps is down to its lowest levels ever! - i see customer service is one of your highest priorities at the moment!