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LOL @ Zen most boring ISP thread.


LOL @ Zen most boring ISP thread.

Just been to ADSLGuide and saw this post in the Zen forum....

"Once again I have to go to the Plusnet forums to fill my lunch hour. Zen has to be the most boring ISP in the world ever, even when something went wrong recently, it was a "whoops, smacked that down, chucked new kit in, problem dealt with" - barely an afternoons fun. "

It made me chuckle when I read it and it's true, the Zen forum is awfully quiet compared to the Plusnet one. I wonder why that is!?

I'd love a quiet Plusnet one like a few years ago.

LOL @ Zen most boring ISP thread.

Q : Whats the Differnce between a Plusnet Customer and a Aol customer !

A: Absolutely Nothing.

LOL @ Zen most boring ISP thread.

Comparing Plusnet to AOL, you're going straight to hell for that one! :lol:
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LOL @ Zen most boring ISP thread.

Zen's products are quite a bit more expensive.
I guess plusNET work on tighter margins...

If everyone keeps a *COOL* head I am sure that all will be well and things will quieten down again....

I just hope that these forum don't get closed down...

But that wouldn't make me leave. The main things that keep me with plusNET are:

* Value for money
* Rock solid technology
* Helpful, useful and timely customer support.

How about: Trial by Forum?

LOL @ Zen most boring ISP thread.

Seeing as this is a thread that serves no other purpose than to poke, without any sort of reasonable debate, I see no reason for this to continue.

Thread locked.