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Can anyone help me on this I just don’t know what happened to my computer I get loads of software links medicine links and yes manly porn I get it everyday at 1st I thought it was a joke but it kind of taking the ........ Now,

I would be really grateful if anyone could help me on this it gets sent to my f9 email address.
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Hi there,

If this was happening to my PC, this is what I'd do:

1) Download Ad-Aware, install that, make sure it's up to date and do a full scan.

2) Download Spybot, install that, make sure it's up to date and do a full scan.

3) Download AVG Anti-Virus, install that, make sure it's up to date and do a full scan.

If that doesn't help, then I would probably look at reinstalling windows and make sure I have the above programs installed from the start as well as a good firewall.

Replying Ivan

Hello Billy,

Sadly, your NOT alone most internet users (users of email services) get some spam and usually its only at matter of time before spam becomes an issue and one has to deal with the darn stuff.

There are several more general points that come to mind that you need be aware of when it comes to spam. 1) Your email address may inadvertently been collected (harvested) by a spybot or web crawler if your name is shown on a website 2) if your name & email address has been collected & passed on or sold on to a list this might be another reason for suddenly receiving lots more spam. 3) your email could have been given out by yourself without realising how it might be used by another company,organisation, or person (this is very easily done these days as so many people want or ask for an email address) OK the moral of that story is to be careful who you give your email address too in future?). 4) Its possible that your email was given out when making a purchase of some kind 5) NON of the above but spammers use something called a scatter gun effect or random spamming technique.

**So for example if the spammer wanted to spam me, they might use or anything starting with the letter i such as The idea here is that if enough random email address's are sent to eventually by sheer numbers statistically one or two % will be received by real people.

**What type of F9 account do you have, becuase many of the newer or more recent accounts now come with anti spam & anti virus filtering? I have these excellent features here on F9 Premier 2MB service.

**Have a look at local anti spam products like the highly recommended Mailwasher its a lovely program and is fantastic. I highly recommend this too you in dealing with spam.


**YES! Ben Browns advise is very good too.



Hi Cytek,
Thanks for all the information i think you know al the business,

i wish i could just change my email address i think that would solve all the problems ,

i have just deleted all the spam out my deleted items box in outlook express and i had 78 spam emails today.

And a lot of it is subject is Urgent ,Look ,Great or RE.

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Mailwasher is fine, but don't ever be tempted to use it to 'bounce' email back to the originator. The originator's address will be forged - just another victim's address.

If you really have a problem (as I do) then take out a Spamcop email account, re-direct your F9 mail (and any other account) and then pull your mail from Spamcop - they take out about 99.9% of the spam and allow you to generate reports back to the ISPs hosting the spammers.. The cost is about 30 dollars per year - well worth it to me. I was up to about 300 per day until I trashed some of my old accounts.

Also, take out a few temporary addresses such as to use as newsgroup posting addresses and for registering bits of software where you don't want to give away your main address. When it starts to pick up spam, change it to temp.2006@.... and start again. Keep your main address private.

regards, Ian

Blackholing spam Ivan

Hello Again Billy,

YES! indeed Ians advise is also very sound. However, there is yet another option you might like to consider and I know F9 will do this for you if you ask them.

You can do the following :- (let me see I think I have this correct way around?). You can create a new email box on the portal this will be an alias mailbox and along with it a new different email address from the original one you had before, the one thats getting all the spamming (this new email address is the one that you would potentially have to give out to all those friends or legitimate contacts you still want mail from).

Next F9 support will Blackhole your orginal emailbox, spam never reaches your new address (new mail is sent only to your new address) Any Spam its blackholed & thus gone into the void never to come back. You effectively only receive the mail you want. Contact F9 Support or phone support and ask them to sort that out for you, they're normally very sympathetic and helpful when setting this up for you. See if you think that might be a workable option for you?

Best Regards Ivan

I have asked to blackhole my email

What i said was can you Blackhole my original email box,
I have a very large amount of spam every single day sometimes more than 70 per day,

The email box I want blackholed is

They said :-
Please can you create a mailbox called "postmaster" as this is the e-mail address our systems use to message you.
Let us know when this has been done.

do i have to do this in manage mailboxes?
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Yes, you need a Postmaster email address (mailbox), you can set it up quite easily, you'll also want to create an alias (, because if your postmaster email address got spammed, you would be out of luck. Once you've created the alias, you will need to set your email client up like so:


username ; bnkay
password : password

new setup:

username : bnkay+mynewemail (where mynewemail is your new alias)
password : password

I had my old one ( blackholed, I now get no spam, zero, zilch, its wonderful Cheesy you could also make an alias and use that to sign up to free websites, and just never check it Wink


What I can't understand is why, on those accounts with spam filtering, F9 can tag stuff as spam, but they don't automatically move it to the Spam box, and leave it cluttering up the Inbox. I'd be much happier if they moved all stuff the filter thought was Spam, so I just needed to check the Spam box occasionally for stuff that wasn't (and the filter is pretty good, it doesn't make many mistakes). That way I woudn't have the overhead of downloading and refiltering on my local machine.

Paul B