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LLU - why?

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LLU - why?

I've started a new thread because I don't want to distract the one that's prompted this.

To cut a short story shorter, I misunderstood what LLU was about and wrongly assumed it was about 3rd parties providing the link from the customer's premises to the exchange.

However, if the idea is that BT still provide the physical line and allow a 3rd party to provide services over it ("line sharing" in the OFCOM model) where do OFCOM get the idea that this allows consumers to choose to get "higher bandwidth services from another operator"?

My understanding is that it's the last bit of the data link that's the problem and whilst ADSLMax might give a bit more and ADSL2+ only a tiny bit more again for those of us that are in rural locations (+3.5km from the exchange) LLU isn't going to make any difference if it's using the same copper to our door.

I kind of assumed LLU was about a 3rd party providing a 21 century solution to the last leg to enable these "higher bandwidth" services.

So, my question is what is the advantage of LLU to me/us in rural locations?

Thanks, David
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LLU - why?

With LLU another supplier puts equipment in your local exchange beside the BT equipment. They then have their own wires connecting from the exchange to the rest of their network and on to the internet (i.e. not using the BT network from the exchange to an ISP).

As you can imagine installing the equipment and wires is not cheap so the LLU operators concentrate on larger (and therefore potentially more profitable) exchanges.


So, my question is what is the advantage of LLU to me/us in rural locations?

Probably none.
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LLU - why?

Probably very little. The chances are that you're exchange wont be enabled for a very long time (if at all). The LLU operaters usually target the larger city exchanges, where the population is much dense and they are likely to get their investment back much quicker.