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LLU or WiMax? The future!

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LLU or WiMax? The future!

As technologies and services evolve and people’s requirements for more bandwidth grow what are Plusnet future visions for service provision. Is not WiMax the way forward? LLU may work in the cities but it’s no good for us 'out of townies'. From the service status emails I see LLU users are forever having issues? Is that mainly due to third party provider (Tiscali)? Has LLU been stopped since BT took ownership of Plusnet?
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LLU or WiMax? The future!

I'll try to answer the points that I can for you, unfortunately I don't really have much knowledge of WiMax apart from it uses wireless technology.

Currently we are not moving more customers on to the LLU service. We also have no plans at the moment to move those on LLU back to IPStream.
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 Chris Parr
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LLU or WiMax? The future!

If you are in a urban area, and while those wires to your home are viable, you will stay wired.

ADSL/VDSL are going to give a signifcant majority of people +8Mb in urban areas with most people above +4Mb.

In a rural location, you may see more WiMax being deployed to replace the wires to your home. The same wires that were going to your home will be bundled up to give high speed data to a WiMax basestatation in the centre of a village, then people in the village all have a WiMax reciever on an exterior wall.

This is not going to happen until there are services that need this kind of speed, you can see how the Sky and Easynet service could be related.