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LLU --> IPstream / No connection now !!!!


LLU --> IPstream / No connection now !!!!

I am due to be moved back to IPstream today from my LLU connection.

Not sure if this is the problem, or that the salty string thats connects me to the LLU dslam has dried out again.

I lost sync with exchange @ 03:40 ish today.

So I am now sat in my living room with 3 routers,spare RJ11 cables.Filters bla ba

Did all my testing its not my fault raised a issue with the BB faults checker to enable Free dialup.

Spotted a flaw In the Faults system.

Quoted from text i added to ticket.

on the broadband fault checker the question where is ask's about the ADSL status light doesnt allow the correct path when I answer truthfully.

IE. my netgear sync light isnt flashing (its off) if i say its off your system says my equipment is faulty. this is not the case.

so i had to says its flashing to keep the fault open.

infact my DG834 is showing no lights at all for ADSL status.

And my BT 1800HG only once flashed for 5 seconds then went out .

Ah the wonders of dialup, at least its not costing me anything or I would be well miffed.

LLU --> IPstream / No connection now !!!!

I thought the ASDL light on the DG834 flashed every now and then as it tries to establish a connection?
If for example I unplug mine from the 'phone line - the ADSL light flashes orange every 30 seconds or so whilst it tries to connect again. Once it finds it can't connect, it goes off for a while before trying again.
If it connects it lights solid green, and flickers off to indicate data transfer.
Doesn't your behave similarly?


Yup thats what normally happens.but i am pretty sure if its unplugged(unplug RJ11) the light doesn't do anything.

if you have a netgear can you try that for a few mins.

very odd indeed

Connection Status

Connection Time 00:00:00
Connecting to Server Disconnect
Negotiation LCP is allowed to come up.
Authentication ---
Getting IP Addresses ---
Getting Network Mask ---


o dear.

Well still not up and running, god knows what happened with my supposed LLU->Ipstream today.

it looks like ive been unplugged from the LLU DSLAM and thats it.

sent a cpl of PM's hoping james B could find out whats going on.

Subject: Re: LLU ---> IPStream

Probably means it's the last stage of the ceaase, which will hopefully be completed soon.

now how long is a plusnet soon
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LLU --> IPstream / No connection now !!!!


James passed your message on earlier, unfortunately I've not been able to find anything out, will make sure that it's chased up tomorrow for you.



Thanks, Dave

I thought it had gone into the abyss.

Dialup is such a pain, but your recent Friaco (spelling?) is good as i have been only pretty much all day job hunting.

Woot working again.

Finally woke up to a green steady sync light. yeah.

Only 2 days downtime, still hoping to find out what BTw messed up.

Back on IPstream and both my atten figures have improved a little.

Odd why LLU would add atten.

DS Atten
MAX 39db
LLU 45db

Which is a big difference on the Db scale.

Cheers to JB,DT and all at