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LLU and general question


LLU and general question

Let me start from the beginning.
I am the usual user. Random disconnections, drop of speed and so on (tell me something that is perfect in this life, apart from my next car – SAAB 9-3), but I happily plod along and use up my usage limits.
I am few good miles from the exchange, so the best speed I could get was 1.1meg. I was very happy with it (I mean who wasn’t). Jumped on the MAX wagon, queue jumped and by God I got it about 16-17 ago. Delta reports nor received, blah blah, the usual. My modem syncs @ 2.5 – 2.7 Meg (still on old speed, but are working on it, so ill get it soon, fingers crossed), but hey it’s double what I had before, so it’s not too bad. I have a second connection at a property in Luton, Beds. , which was moved onto the Tiscali LLU. No big deal. The bugger syncs @8meg and was getting about 4.6meg speed, which is awesome. And today I checked
and noticed that Tiscali is at my exchange. To be honest I’m not too bothered if I am going to be moved onto it, as long as I can get good speed and have my 15gb limit, which in most months gets used up(well, I’m paying for it, aren’t I). Which brings me to my question: am I going to be moved to the LLU and will I get better speed?
Well enough for now.

Some stats if they are useful:

Startup State: Data Mode
Startup Progress: Completed (0xad)
Last Failed: 0x0000006b
Bit Swap Counter: 0x000001bb
DSP Firmware Ver: Y1921
Local Coding Gain: 5
Remote Vendor ID: b5-00-54-53-54-43-00-00
Remote Vendor Rev: ad-00-00-00
Annex Type: Annex A
Data Rate (Rx/Tx): 2656 / 448
Line Rate (Rx/Tx): 2944 / 544
Heading: Local / Remote
Attenuation (dB): 47.5 / 27
SNR Margin (dB): 6 / 10.5