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LLU already - Will speeds increase?


LLU already - Will speeds increase?

Hi there,

I got shunted onto LLU just over a week ago but I seem to be throttled at 2Mb still. Should that increase to 7/8Mb by the end of the week (10 days later) or do I need to regrade my account?

Currently my account summary says Premier up to 2MB. I remember having to raise a ticket to change from 512Kbps Self Install to Premier a year ago. If I manually upgrade to Premier Option 1 (same but different) then will I have to pay £14.99? Since I am no longer on BT backbone then how does that all work?

All I see on the boards these days is MaxDSL stuff that I think no longer applies to me. It's very confusing...

LLU already - Will speeds increase?

HI, The llu stable rate is set other the first fourteen days and then changed at plus net.
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LLU already - Will speeds increase?

Hi There,

Can you tell me what speed you are syncronised at?

Changing the product you are on is possible, but ultimately your speed won't change till the supplier tells us what speed you are synched at on their network, which can take upto 10 days and is a process that isn't perfected yet.

In an ideal world, we would set your speed to the maximum at our side, but then you will potentially end up with us sending more data to you than the line can cope with add that results in a pretty horrible experience with random packet loss inside the suppliers network.

Knowing your sync speed will let me check up on this for you and maybe get something sorted a bit quicker.



LLU already - Will speeds increase?

I can confirm when I get home but my router shows something like 6887Kbps down and 800Kbps up. The speed checker on the portal here shows 2000Kbps more or less. I was migrated on the 18th (last Tuesday).

I'm not specifically asking to jump any queues here (although I wouldn't say no!). My concern was that I could be missing out by doing nothing. As I said my account summary states "up to 2Mb" so I was concerned that would be the dominant factor without 'upgrading' to the latest Premier Option pack.

Cheers for the quick response though.

LLU already - Will speeds increase?

I'm not sure if any action was taken as a result of this but I am now on about 4.75 Mb. I think I could get about 6Mb but it's clear that I'm not restricted by the account name. Thanks if anything deliberate happened.
In the meantime I'll wait a couple of weeks and monitor.

For reference my line stats are:

Statistics	        Downstream	Upstream

Line Rate 5960 Kbps 622 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate 6444 Kbps 24764 Kbps
Noise Margin 10.9 dB 13.0 dB
Line Attenuation 17.5 dB 15.3 dB
Output Power 0.0 dBm 18.9 dBm

LLU already - Will speeds increase?

My modem line stats are roughly the same (maybe a tiny bit better) but now

PlusNet Speed Test
Your current speed is:
23.62 Mbps
Which means you can download at 2.95 MB/sec. from our servers.


All I see on here is complaints so maybe it's good to balance it out with some good news. I've run the test a couple of times so I dunno if it's going to revert tomorrow but for now at least, wow! If LLU is like this for most people then maybe it's something be a little less scared of.
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LLU already - Will speeds increase?

have you confirmed that through downloading something?Huh

LLU already - Will speeds increase?

Well... the ADSLguide speed test is a little more conservative...

Speed Test Results
Downstream 5,077.2 Kbps ( = 5.0 Mbps )
Upstream 519.2 Kbps ( = 0.5 Mbps )