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LLU House Move or bust


LLU House Move or bust

Tonight I plan to infomr BT that we will be moving our phone line to our new flat as we expect to exchange contracts on the property today. Now how (and should I) move my broadband connection?

Here's the details that make this slightly unusual:

I am on the LLU.
I have no deferred fees to pay or equipment that isn't my own.
I was one of the first to be moved over to LLU before opt-out emails were even thought about by Plusnet.
LLU is disconnecting several times a day right now (aparrently Tiscalli's fault (apparently NTL's fault)).
Bittorrent is not even a Bittrickle right now...
A recent service status email stated that the House Move tool isn't working properly.

So really I have three questions:

a) How exactly can I move my internet connection to the new location (likely on the same number).
b) How can I say bollards to it all and get away from Plusnet at minimum cost and start up with a more reliable ISP?
c) If I choose option A at which points can I switch to option B if the move starts to screw up (as it seems to do for so many people here). Does choosing (A) lock my line up preventing a switch to an alternative provider?

If I can be assured that a house move will work as it should with minimum cost and downtime and that the LLU and P2P problems will be resolved in teh next week or two then I shall choose the move UNLESS doing so stops me from switching promptly to someone else should the above problems not get resolved/get worse.

LLU House Move or bust

I suspect that after a house move, you will automatically be provisioned on the IPStream product, either ADSLMax if available, or one of the fixed rate products until Max is available. (Esp since LLU Activations have been suspended for the time being)

As far as locking up your line, once the process starts, BTW will receive the provisioning order, and once its completed they will add a marker to your line saying it carries ADSL. Until they have provisioned it, there should be no marker, and as such you should be able to get any ISP to provide your service.

LLU House Move or bust

I took your reply to mean that moving house is one way of getting off LLU - regardless of your opt-out status? I'd have to pay about £50 to move the line anyway.

LLU House Move or bust

I also posted the above post as a ticket yesterday morning and the lack of response is fast making my mind up for me. It's looking like switching be the best way to guarantee internet access when I move.
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LLU House Move or bust


First question to ask is will you be taking the same number when you move? If the number will be different it makes the process a lot quicker, the reason being that if you keep the same number we can only place the order for the new property once the service at the old property is ceased.

If you are keeping the same number then I'll add some details to the ticket about the simultaneous order process, this will only work if you haven't already started the process with BT (and requires a minimum 7 day lead time, ideally longer).

To arrange the move all you need to do is raise a ticket with the new address and phone number details, the date the new line will be active and which payment method you prefer.

The new provide would be on BT as we aren't supplying any new activations on LLU at the moment.

If you want to cancel then just reply to the ticket. Once the house move is in progress then it makes it difficult to cancel, at least without cost and without causing delays in "clearing the line" because past a certain point BT will charge us for the provide order and it can then take a few days to clear in all the databases.