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LLU Forcing lower speed?


LLU Forcing lower speed?

Everytime I've sync'd, I've got over 5000 kbps (normally 6372 during the day, and 5900 during the evenings) at a SNR of 12db.

Now however, things seem to have gone pearshaped:

DownStream Connection Speed 1148 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 287 kbps
Line Attenuation Down 50.0 db Up 25.1 db
Noise Margin Down 29.2 db Up 26.0 db

Anyone know whats happened? It's not a one off, as I rebooted the router and got the same exact speed again. With a SNR of 29.2db, the line hasn't suddenly gone noisy, so I'm confused.

LLU Forcing lower speed?

I've had the same problem for over a week.

Speed has dropped to an average of 280 kbps even though SNR is still at a good rate.

I have tried all checks recommended in these forums and raised a ticket over a week ago.

Either PN do not know what is going on or they cannot be bothered to sort it out.

Many other users are having the same problem. If it's not sorted soon I'm definately changing provider.

Let me know if you make any progress.

LLU Forcing lower speed?

This has been diabolical from start to finish. Really upset and how do we move when there is nowhere to move to without lots of cost and downtime. Plusnet move me back to BT, I expect this to be done at your cost and with no downtime, this has gone on long enough. Raised the ticket, which has been over a month now, with 1 update from yourselves a week. Its not good enough.

LLU Forcing lower speed?

Plusnet have agreed to move me back to BT as I never received the notification emails, and are currently awaiting a MAC code so they can move me without loss of service.

However, I've never noticed any provider limiting the sync speed, only the download rate.

LLU Forcing lower speed?

I've noticed why my connection is suddenly a lot lower, had a ticket saying they've reduced my speed to see if the disconnections stop. It seems some people in support don't know about the LLU disconnections, and think it's just me Shocked

The speed drop didn't make any difference whatsoever, apart from dropping my sync to 1148 kbps, and my actual download speed to 146.9kbps - that's just under 20 kbytes/sec.. eek!

So I guess the mystery is solved!

Would have been nice if I had received an email telling my I'd received a ticket response though!
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LLU Forcing lower speed?

I've had a similar problem for the last week or so, although nowhere near as drastic. Sync used to be a predictable 3300-3400, now its 2900-3000 with a loss of 300Kbps on actual download speed, leaving download about 500 Kbps lower in total than I had on Max at its best.SNR is the same at 12.

Its a small amount but I'm a little twitchy about it after the LLU disconnects and never wishing to be moved in the first place
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LLU Forcing lower speed?


However, I've never noticed any provider limiting the sync speed, only the download rate.

Setting the target SNR value higher, will effectively set the sync speed to become lower.

By default the BT target for MaxDSL is 6dB and the LLU target is 12dB, so a MaxDSL is always initially going to get a higher sync speed than on LLU ... albiet maybe less stable.