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LLU Disconnects.....


LLU Disconnects.....

Now it seems sometimes when I get disconnected something is causing my router to completely hang and has to be rebooted.

It's happened to me for the last two days, I'm getting disconnected as normal, but for one of the disconnects my router is crashing. Last night my router crashed around 10:30pm, and I only noticed this morning, which is a shame because I had something set to start downloading at 12am.

I know plusnet are doing all they can, but if this problem is not resolved soon, I would like plusnet to migrate me back to BT please. Is this possible?


good day !

same here - - and is going on since i was upgraded to max -

after the upgrade the connection keep disconecting

after a month or so - - it start to work fine

than back 4 weeks ago - plus net moved me into a new platform - and the problem started again !

im now stuck into this situation once again !