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Keeps us informed PN


Keeps us informed PN

Having problems with my speed I raised a ticket with PN again! If you say its for a speed issue and your exchange is red you have to close your ticket, now its been red for almost 2 months now and was having no problem with speed until about 3 weeks ago but for the last 4 days its has been up and down and now only giving me under 500kbps.

So i raised a normal ticket and gave them all the details of speed tests what i have done to test different things like changed modems and router changed my filter made sure my computer is up to date and virus, adware and spy ware free basicly all the checks that should be done.
so why do they send out the same old responce every time to check all of the above when you tell them that you have done so. They also sent me this in responce after i have been updating them on what speeds and sync issue's i have had over the last few days.

The problem you are describing is unlikely to be exchange related, I beleive this is more specific to your line.

MAX DSL will reduce your sync/throughput rates according to the state of the line quality at the time - drops can occur quite regularly, a rise will take 3 days of stability. If one instance of lower sync is recorded int he 3 day period then the count begins again.

What you need to do is determine the source of the interference and try and eliminate, or at least reduce it as much as is possible.

you may wish to have a read of our portal MAX DSL guides:

This explains how the system works and how to ensure that the setup on your side is optimised for high speed broadband.

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To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Im sorry but I have done all that i can my end and with the amout of people getting bad speeds do you not think that there might be something wrong your end and might take the time to look into this or at least inform us in what you are doing to find the fault even if it not yours and it being a BT issue.

(Maybe this a new way for PN to save money in people using less bandwidth as there speeds as so slow they can't use much.... just my opinion)

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