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Just wondering


Just wondering

Iw as wondering. If my router synces at 8128Kb/448Kb shouldn't i get round about 7 meg on the bt speedtester instead of 4800?

Just wondering

It depends on many factors. 2 of the most common are

1. how long you've had MaxDSL
2. what your line attenuation and SNR are like.

If you've only had Max for a few days then it will fluxuate anything between 1mb and upto 8mb

Provide your snr and attenuation (downstream) and it would give us a better idea of your capabilities.

Just wondering

My stats are:

SNR: 8db
Line attn: 21.5

I have had Max for about 4 days, 5th day today.

Just wondering

You'll need to let it run over for another 5 or 6 days to let the line settle.

If it hasn't changed then you may need to raise a ticket as PlusNet have just relased a service update regarding bad scripts on MaxDsl upgrading.

Our engineers have identified a problem with some of the scripts that run to process a customer's account as part of the MaxDSL upgrades. This has lead to some customers synching at the higher speeds but not seeing any increased download speeds, even after BT have updated your line profile on their side.

Just wondering

Ok thanks for your help and responce.
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Just wondering

Well ive been wondering the same although i dont expect to see 7mbps and i doubt anyone else will because of many factors a couple of which have been mentioned

however ive now had max since the 19th of last month and it finally gave me a stable rate of 8000 after twelve days but the speeds have been ranging between 3ish mbps upto 6ish mbps (very rare) ever since

now i feel that it should be stable by now and give me an average speed but its still all over the place, i did ask CS and got the following reply and i qoute
Please be advised that the BT checker is not always correct. The speed you will get depends heavily on the signal to noise ratio of your line.
Also, please be advised that MaxDSL is a very rate adaptive product, and as such your speeds will fluctuate.
I hope this helps.

Now if the BT speed checker is not that acurate why are we asked to do it everytime theres a speed issue and i fully understand the ins and outs of max and that its rate adaptive but not to this extent surely

Dont get me wrong im not compaining as i appreciate the speed increase its great but should it still be all over the place like this or should it be giving me an average speed like it was when i was on 2mbps always around the same speed give or take depending on time of day and contention etc

my line stats are as follows which i feel are good enough to be giving me a solid stable speed

Downstream Rate: 8128 Kbps
Upstream Rate: 448 Kbps
Downstream Margin: 9 db
Upstream Margin: 22 db
Downstream Line Attenuation: 30
Upstream Line Attenuation: 18


Just wondering

We will have to wait an see. I remeber i would get 6.5meg on the first three days it would never get past that either 6.5 or below, nothing higher.