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Just when you thought it was safe ...


Just when you thought it was safe ...

Last month connections went to hell in a hand-basket for us and our VPN connections were unusable more often than not. But for the last couple of weeks, things have not only got better, but they've been great.

Today, it's all gone to pot again, I'm back with 1600ms ping times between VPN sites Sad

Anyone else seeing the problem :?:

From what I can make out there's a problem with packet pref'ing for connections between (at the very least) their business packages and their residential packages. (although this might be coincidence and it might be just a problem between head-end pipes in general)

I'm looking at their router upgrade this morning and wondering, it's this morning things started to go amiss and we've changed nothing here.

(Restarts of all equipment and software have made no difference, other connections are working fine .. and we've tested between multiple connections, it's not just the one line) Sad Sad