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Just what is going on...

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Just what is going on...

Just what is going on at PlusNet?

Their marketing tag actually says “The smarter way to broadband”.

Can this ‘tag line’ actually be supported by the experience of the vast number of customer/users who are posting on the PlusNet Discussion forums?

As I write this the Service Status shows Orange status flags against Email, Web Space & FTP plus Other.

Webstats Generation is reportedly going to take ‘around 10 days’ to be corrected and brought ‘fully up to date’.

The planned work, consistent with the impending move has now been re-scheduled from the 4th of May to the 9th of May and any plans that individual users had made to be either off-line or ready for the disruption have had to be changed to accommodate PlusNet revised planning.

Email still has delays and PlusNet says “We believe that we have resolved the underlying issue causing excessive mail queues on two of our servers, but will continue to monitor them very closely for the next few days. We expect the mail queues to continue decreasing over the coming hours, and would like to stress that the majority of mail is being delivered as normal.” Mine obviously isn’t in the majority so NO IT ISN’T.

Turning to the Discussion Forums the sheer volume of posts must make someone at PlusNet realise that there are problems.

Of course everyone wants the higher speeds promised to them and advertised as being available – when first heralded by PlusNet they probably didn’t anticipate the problems that were going to accrue, and frankly whether they are as a result of PlusNet or BT failings the way in which we users have been treated to information has been nothing short of appalling.

The debacle over queue jumping has to be seen to be believed – once again I am sure that I and many others tried to ‘queue jump’ and some of us actually received a response that simply told us/me “We will endeavour to submit your order ASAP. You will receive an email when the order is placed and another when it completes.” Actually, I expected PlusNet to do this anyway! However, Forum feedback indicates that the promised emails have not been sent or, possibly, are stuck in the email delay problem!

That apart the whole process of the upgrade seems to have been mishandled and has been roundly condemned by customers on the various different subscription options. I do think that queue jumping was wrong in principle but as they say “needs must when the devil drives…”.

Naturally the customers who use the Discussion Forums will predominantly use them to ‘vent’ their own particular agenda – much as I am doing here. However, when you realise that customers are on the end of apparent disregard and possibly disrespect you have to begin to wonder just what is going on?

VMU seems to be in a sorry state and customer/users are being selectively ‘cut-off’ due to a PlusNet problem which once again will take up several days to be resolved - leaving customer/users paying for something they are not getting.
Migration is not without its own set of problems and you have to ask whether being an ex-customer gives you any chance of getting it sorted out.
The LLU & Tiscali saga has certainly come about through poor communication and a lack of clear (lay person) information being given.
The various changes to usage and the implementation of ‘throttling’ has caused many to raise the issue but doesn’t seem to have been adequately responded to by PlusNet in a way which can be understood and potentially agreed with – yes PlusNet we do recognise that you have to make money – but not at our unwarranted expense on each and every occasion.

It seems to me that PlusNet are willing to send out ‘blanket’ emails regarding some things but not necessarily the things that impact on all users.

On 18 March Carol Axe stated:
Your product will be upgraded on your first billing date after 30th March 2006. If you pay annually this will be the same day in the month as your annual subscription, e.g. the 15th. Speed upgrades will follow over the coming months - see below.”
This has not happened but I have not seen a direct email telling me why.

On 12 April PlusNet Customer Support emailed me:
We want the service you buy from us today to be a service you’ll want to buy from us in the future – it needs to be a service that’s just what you are looking for and one we can earn our living from.
We like to talk with you. You may think we talk too much - enthusiastic people often do. In the future it looks like your Internet connection will deliver more than just the web pages you search for and the emails from your friends.
No one can predict the future, but it doesn’t stop us trying – here at PlusNet we believe our customers will combine their Internet, telephone, mobile phone, TV, film watching and more things than we have room for here
Actually this message was to justify charging for talking to our Internet Service Provider. There is also some doubt about the validity of this statement when set against the various comments concerning the Customer Support agents.
And today the Customer Support Statistics show that Average Ticket Closure time is 1 hour 5 minutes – again this is not reflected by Forum experiences.
I get disconnects without any explanation and I know that they are initiated at PlusNet because I have access to another service which stays up when PlusNet goes down (it isn’t my infrastructure).

So why am I taking time to write all this?

PlusNet have had their problems and over the years I have been with them.
I forgave them the occasional ‘fall over’ – then things changed – and they appear to be on some kind of self-destruction.
I don’t really want the hassle of changing ISP – I want what they say they are there to provide – a First Class service.
I want what they say they will provide for the price I have agreed to pay and they have accepted.
I do not want to go to 3 or 4 different Forum sites to find out what is going on at PlusNet.
I think I want what everyone else wants – a reliable, sensibly priced, well managed, well run, honest and truthful ISP offering, at least, the ‘to be expected’ extra features.
I also believe that the only real difference between ISP’s is not the price – it’s the service.
So PlusNet – can you give me what you have promised me - can you or can’t you supply the Service I am looking for?

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Just what is going on...

pppbm I agree with most of your text, If it was not for email address changes I would be moving my custom elsewhere may still do so.