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Just want to get one thing straight...


Just want to get one thing straight...

So when PlusNet now say that my BB+ was never meant for high usage.

"Customers downloading
more than the product is designed for will see downloads at peak times get
progressively slower as this usage continues."

That in what way concurs with their advertising at the time I took out the contract that said it was 'unlimited', and when I specifically telephoned their sales line ans said

'This is unlimited isnt it? There are no download limits are there?'

And the nice chap on the the phone said:

"Oh no, there are no limits, other companies do that but we dont'.

Im sorry if Im being slow here but Im just failing to see the connection between the two events and worry I must have missed something.

Also, does anyone know anything about Demons unlimited service? , Im thinking of switching as someone in my building has it on unsecured network and I often jump onto it when my +Net connection drops completely or grinds to a near halt.

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Just want to get one thing straight...

The Plus package has never been sold as unlimited, as it has always been a managed and contended package.

As for the recent changes, these aren't a download limit, but more of a guideline as to how much usage is appropriate for the Plus package. You can use a little bit more than the 5GB Peak Time guideline, but things will start to slow down after this point.

Just want to get one thing straight...

I understand it was sold as managed. I was aware that P2P and some other things, which I dont use anyway, would be very slow. This was made clear in your marketing.

As far as the rest goes I'm afraid I beg to differ. I dont doubt that there was some micropixel somewhere in your terms and conditions that said that no download limits didnt mean unlimited but this was not communicated on your front end advertising, nor was it intimated by your sales people.

I made very sure, by reading the product details that you advertised, and by calling your sales line and speaking to your advisers that my downloads would not be restricted outside of the standard service. I made very sure of this because I was migrating from an unrestricted service from another provider and didnt want to move to a restricted package.

Changing a product willy nilly mid contract is bad enough but then blatantly misrepresenting what that original product was so you can blame your own customers for their complaints is unacceptable - and is the main reason why I will not be staying with plusnet.