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Just signed up to Plusnet


Just signed up to Plusnet

Hello to all.
I have just signed up to plusnet for the 2mb home worker link. I've been with BT openworld since they first trialed adsl, but their service is not great and customer support is even worse. I had cancelled my adsl with Openworld, and got it confirmed today that the line was now ceased.
Ive read and heard alot of good things about Plusnet, so hopeful if all goes well i'll have 2mb very soon Smiley woooohooo
I have to say , i like this forum idea, great for feedback and extra support or just to chat Smiley

Anyways thats me, hopefully i'll be another happy Plusnet customer very soon.

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Just signed up to Plusnet

Heh... welcome! Hope you enjoy it around here! Wink