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Just left BT


Just left BT

Hi, I just left BT YAHOO 2mb service to join plus net after a referal. Already i'm dead impressed by all the features available from the site e.g. webspace, email addresses etc. It's tonnes better in that dept than BT but the line hasn't transferred yet so i dont know on the speed. I gotta say though in fairness to BT their speed and service was unfaulted. I never once had any line faults and the speed was very very good.
When ever i played online games like COD my ping was always better than anyone else between 0 - 20. Any BT was good but PLUS NET is half price so there's not much else to say i guess. Shame to see so many unhappy PLUS NET customers. I think my PLUS Netting will go ok as i'm already on 2MB. Anyway nice to mee you all. Jim

Just left BT

Welcome to plusnet. It is a shame about all the unhappy customers. Plusnet packages are top notch, they just dont think through how they are moving forward and treating existing customers.

Lots of extras to enjoy though. Have a nice time on the network Smiley

Just left BT


I think you'll find there are many happy customers, however, in all fairness these are the people who tend not to use their connection very much. You should only experience issues if you are intending on downloading large amounts of data.

The extra features PlusNet offers are top-notch, however, many have stated that they are not given the same degree of attention as they are considered freebies.

I especially like the free unlimited email accounts (unlimited number and storage). You can also host domains which you purchased elsewhere with your account, in order to use it for mail.

Just left BT

I came over from BT Yahoo too and 3 days after the activation I asked for a MAC:

- i was supplied with a 1Mb connection only (has been corrected, but watch iut, I was not the only one)
- traffic shaping: yes, compared to BT, the speed is pathetic (see also newsgroup thread)
- regular disconnects, with BT, my router was up for weeks if not months.

Things that didn't affect me directly but put me off as I don't like the conduct of business:

- SUP which was not communicated to customers
- BB plus will get idle timeout

In the end, PN may be cheaper, but I learned it the hard way: if you pay peanuts, you'll get monkeys.

Looking back, leaving BT was a mistake (never thought I'd say that).

Hope you'll have more luck than I had, I'm off to another ISP, more expensive but there you know what you pay for.

Just left BT

I think you will be sorry!

I left BT for Plusnet - what a mistake!

Just left BT

Hi there,

Welcome to Plus Net and the forums.

I have been here for a couple of years and I can say with confidence that my connection has been excellent. Yes there are one or two issues with Plus Net which need resolved and I am confident that they will.

If you use your connection within the rules you will have little to worry about.

I hope you enjoy your new ISP and I hope to see you on the forums.

Just left BT

I have always used my connection within the rules, and still Big Big mistake joining Plusnet

Just left BT

Hmm many mixed reviews. But i dare say it's only the unhappy ones who are on these formus! Shame it's not working out for quite alot of people.
I use my lappy for gaming and surfing mostly so hopefully the contention ratio and stuff shouldn't be too much of a problem. To be honest i havent a clue about half the stuff you guys mentioned so i doubt i use it most of it. Traffic shaping, BB, SUPHuh?
I am concerned about the regular disconnects as i use a wireless router with 4 other users. Fingers crossed i dont get those problems. Were they major problemsHuh

For £15 a month and from what i have seen so far it's a bargin but i'll report back when i've migrated properly.

As for the dude who purchased 4mb i reckon you probably got excited too early there. I agree that Plusnet shouldnt be selling something on a promise but the coming soon always put me off! Anyway good luck to all of you and thanks for the comments so far. If you like Call of duty the game then check out the sig below....

Just left BT

I am concerned about the regular disconnects

Disconnects are seldom caused by the ISP. Generally they are down to the users equipment, wiring, filters or a BT issue.

Most of the recent issues which were reported on the forums were down to BT outages and not Plus net.

Generally my router stays connected for thousands of hours, so you shouldnt have too many worries.

Just left BT

Well I do hope you will be happy-honestly. The speed is not an issue, its the shoddy underhand way Plusnet conducts its busness.

Hope you do not fall foul of it.

Just left BT

Well Ive more than happy with there service tbh, My connection is spot on, its NEVER dropped out (yet) and the people on the other end of the phone have (again so far) been very very helpful. So maybe Ive just been lucky?
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Just left BT

I too have had no problems that weren’t self-inflicted and other than having to reboot my ADSL router/modem for the first time a couple of weeks ago have no real complaints since I joined.

Yes I pay over the odds because I didn’t check on the changes to PN’s packages, but consider that my fault for not being more proactive as I have to be with every other supplier, electricity, gas, bank, mobile phone company (who are much worse than PN), etc etc.

Yes the way PN go about changing things suggests there is a lack of ‘joined up thinking’ between the various departments and the directors.

Yes PN are trying to make money (who isn’t)

Usenet speeds are diabolical during peak times especially if your software only allows one connection or you are downloading headers.

And P2P crawls along at the moment.

Oh and this forum doesn’t have a grammar/spell checker which a lot of the posters really do need including me!

All that said I see no particular reason to move just yet..

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Just left BT

I know its a little off topic, but I just had to say - I can't look at writeontheedge's signature without thinking of my car number plate! :lol:

Just left BT

Haha nice one. I cant believe how busy these forums are. must be doing soemthing right. I only posted this morning and am amazed at so many reply's, yet the post was miles down the list! Thanks for the confidence boosts from those who are happy with PN. I was getting worried that only unhappy people came here! Cry


Well, the migration was a success. I received the email from PN stating that my line was now active. I typed the new settingss into my router, logged on and zooom it worked. Absolutely no problems. Same speed as i had before. So far no drop outs. So i'd say PN is much better for value than BT although i can't fault BT's service.

Plus points:
£15 cheaper per month
Much better web facilities e.g. webspace and domain names.
Great admin facilities
loads of email address
speed just as good as BT

Negative points:
None so far.

To those who haven't had such a dreamy migration i'd say things happen sometimes, but it is clear this company is not at all useless but overall very impressive.