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Joke Net or Plus Net What’s the Difference

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Joke Net or Plus Net What’s the Difference

Over the past 2/3 months my internet connection has gone down, This in its self I know may not be solely down to PN, but I have tried ringing the support line and its impossible to get a human being to talk to (do any humans still work their)………

The automated help line says PN will get back to you within 8 hours that was approx 17 hours ago?

What is going on, Im on the verge of moving onto another ISP, one where human beings talk to their customers, to answer their questions and let them know what the situation is if they are having problems………..

PN are rapidly going down hill, Im not sure where Alistair Wyse gets his facts from does he read these forums?

If you report one fault with your broadband connection through the portal, you cannot report another unless you clear the pervious one……….

Im only one customer and I know I don’t make much difference to you PN but there are many others and you NEED to start listening to us……..

I would like to know you have my latest problem logged, and that it is being dealt with……..

Sort it PN ...........ort it………