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Jesus......faster broadband!


Jesus......faster broadband!

I was nearly crying with laughter at the sticky regarding faster broadband.


Plusnet can't cope with what their customers are doing now.So with their twisted logic they decide to.........give people the means to further overload their capacity.

Considering that supposedly 99% of their customers are using 10Gb/month roughly then this should be HUGELY beneficial....NOT!
Shockedops: Shockedops: Shockedops:

For gods sake,try and cope with what you've already got before pushing forward with your big ideas!!

PS.What will the FUP be on 8 or 24Mb linesHuh?

Going off your recent calamaties it'll probably be something like:

Peak time - 50Gb cap.But peak time is 1pm to 12pm.

Jesus......faster broadband!

As a thread already exists discussing this topic, I am locking this one.

Please feel free to contribute to the original thread.