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It's not what they do.......


It's not what they do.......'s the way that they do it

My VMBU has now been reset again and looks OK, but my level two management on P2P/FTP/Usenet has not been removed :?
When will this be reset and when it is will my 20GB of "clean traffic" be just that and none of this level two management usage since the start of my billing period be counted in my "clean allowance"

It's not that I have problems with usage and caps it's the way PlusNet do things by way of not removing restrictions at the start of the billing period, like they say they do Sad

PlusNet ATM seem to treat customers as a necessary evil, that get in the way of nice fat returns for shareholders, unless you are a customer who uses the connection very very lightly ..................never was like this, is it time to look around for another ISPHuh

It's not what they do.......

it only a semi auto process. it takes around 24~36hrs on avg to reset.

IN about 2~3months when the full automation is working it shud be alot faster

It's not what they do.......

Customers should be happy with that then??
:shock: :shock:

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