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It just gets better


It just gets better

Email troubles still for me this morning.......

Slow browsing and ftp speeds.......

And I now hear 50p per min for support.....

Such consistant poor service PN can only mean your now so fired....

Has anyone done any shopping about?

Whats on offer?

It just gets better

I suggest you reread the post regarding support.

The normal methods are remaining as is. The additional 50ppm line is for issues which do not relate to the core business (not confirmed but I suspect core== connectivity, email, dns etc and non-core == mysql configuration, how to write cgi scripts etc.)

I'm all for jumping on PN when they deserve it but this isn't deserved.

(Okay, the initial communication could have been clearer but equally we could have all read it better before jumping to conclusions. The trouble is PN's reputation is tranished now so people read more into things than they should).

It just gets better

As a matter of interest, is there a list of what +Net define as "Core Services" anywhere. I've only ever seen the term used in the context of what is not a core service.
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It just gets better

The detailed list will be provided within a fortnight, as per the message!

Sorry we don't have more detail for you now.



It just gets better


Have you considered the new Carphone Warehouse offer...

I've started a thread asking others thoughts. Other than the hassle of moving I can only see benefits for me personally as I live in an area where they can provide the service...