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It destroyed my mail


It destroyed my mail

I deleted some messages (with big attachments) and the list came back still showing some of them (still multi-megabyte sizes) but as "No subject"; so I deleted just those, and at the next screen the new list showed that it had deleted loads of other real messages. BAD!!
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It destroyed my mail

Yes this is a known issue with the Beta software and it is not possible to recover the deleted email I'm afraid.

You were using it at your own risk as it detailed on the login page and in certain cases data loss can occur.

I suggest you make yourself aware of the Webmail: known issues thread.

using a dial up connection caused all my mail to be deleted.

Evil :x Cry All I can say is RUBBISH! This should not have happened. After a very long wait via a dial up connection I eventually was able to open one email. To my horror, when I went back to my inbox, all of my other email messages had vanished. Some of these were quite important!

You should have a BIG warning on your option to try the beta system that says, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, EMAIL MAY BE LOST! Yes I am shouting, because I am flipping pissed.

I was isung the basic version via the POP3 option, not IMAP.
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It destroyed my mail

I too have often noticed that , after deleting a lot of mail, the page will
sometimes refresh showing these "No Subject" entries, which seem to be
the work-in-progress of the "delete" job that you just fired off.

The thing to do at this point is refresh the list of messages (click "Read Mail")
and keep doing do until they have gone. Do not do anything to your mail
until the list is stable again.

Being on a fast connection I've never fallen for the dire consequences that
have hit you guys, you are right to be mad and simply suggesting that you
should exhaustively read through and understand all existing issues
is not really good enough. Hell, that list of "known bugs" hasn't even been updated since the last few upgrades, so we don't even know where we really stand. And this "beta" system is supposed to be pretty much ready and going fully live very soon.

This is yet another major show-stopping bug that Plusnet MUST get fixed
before they can consider that the system is ready. Will we get the usual
"it probably won't get fixed because the system is developed by @Mail"
line? Come on, this bug has been in there for a long time, get rid of it!



Beta testing

Omlyman - Beta testing menas just that - Beta software is untested, usually unstable and lends itself to doing things that you would not want. Beta testign should only be performed by people who are experiened - May I suggest that you avoid Beta software in the future. Plus.Net have done a perfectly good job warning people.
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It destroyed my mail

Agreed !

And it does state this quite clearly that you are using it at your own risk
Beta software is unpredictable

i certainly would not have been using it as my main mail source
neither should anyone else