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Is this something we can all expect soon ?


Is this something we can all expect soon ?

Is this something we can all expect soon if people air their views on the forums about something that bothers them?

Is it just the way of things to ignore shoddy (and thats not how I spelled that to begin with, i'm *that* angry) customer service & relations. Don't be upset that you don't get told about price cuts & get charged the old price ad infinitum?

An email sent to a disgruntled customer from Carol Axe says:

Dear Simon

To confirm our earlier telephone conversation, please find below your MAC code as discussed.

The MAC key is: .....

As a result of your disruptive activities over a number of months in our customer support forums, you have required an unsustainable level of attention which has impacted our ability to support our other customers. We have repeatedly answered your questions and feel we have not reached a common understanding.

You can migrate to an alternative ISP of your choice, at no cost to you. If you do not use this code to migrate out within 30 days (by 23 September 2005), we will cease your service and you may incur charges to re-establish a connection with an alternative provider. This is in line with section 19.1 of your Terms and Conditions.

You will not be billed any further subscription charges and any outstanding contractual commitments will be waived.

A copy of this communication will be sent by post to the billing address on your account.

Yours sincerely

Carol Axe

Clearly it was too much hard work to just respond to his complaints, never mind actually do anything about them.

Is this something we can all expect soon ?

Locked in favour of the existing thread HERE