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Is this normal or just bad service?


Is this normal or just bad service?


I ordered the broadband connection around 2 weeks ago, my credit card got billed, my line was activated around week ago, but I still haven't received my router modem (I don't know if it's being posted or have they run out of HW or what).

I tried to look for customer service number where to call to find out what's the problem with the HW delivery, but I just absolutely couldn't find a phone number where to call after browsing the site for couple of hours! The number is very well hidden if it exists! So I finally asked where's my modem and what's the number I can call to in "Help & Support" section, and finally after a day or so got a customer support number and that my question was forwarded to other department (they claimed that approx. answer time was ~2h btw instead of 24h, duh!)

So, I called to the customer support number that was provided and it said that the average waiting time is 10mins. I was waiting on the like for 45mins and by the time even the background music had stopped long time ago (grr!) No answer so I hanged. Today I called again, waited for 1h and STILL no answer, STILL no modem, and STILL no answer in their "Help & Support" section.

Is the customer service in Plus.NET always so bad, because this is the worst service I have ever had to deal with! What are your experiences?

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Is this normal or just bad service?


Our Customer Support Centre is currently experiencing high call volumes, resulting in longer call queues than we would like. We are currently working on this as a priority, as many other posts on this board detail.

With regards to your particular issue, I have escalated your ticket to our hardware team for an update, although I believe there have been issues with the supply of 205's recently, which could explain this.