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Is this for real?????


Is this for real?????

I received this into my email account this evening. No official stationery, just this stand text, I would like to know if it is genuine before I change my password.

It recently came to our attention that a potential security problem existed on our website discussion forums ( It could have been possible to exploit the forum software, and retrieve an encrypted copy of the password details we hold for your account.

As a user of our forums, we are now emailing you to advise you of this, and of the next steps you should take. Although we have no evidence that a malicious attack has occurred, we can confirm that one of our customers proved this vulnerability, and subsequently contacted us. We would like to publicly thank that individual, and we have had assurances that any data obtained has now been destroyed.

We are now asking all customers in receipt of this email to change their account password as soon as possible, purely as a precaution. This can be done on-line, at the Account details section of our website -

This only affects customers who have used a 'weak' password that could easily be guessed. It's always good practice to make sure you change your password on a regular basis. Take a look at the advice on <> for more information about how you can improve your online security.

If you would like more information on this incident please visit our support page at

If you require recorded information please ring 0845 0020180.

Kind regards,

Dan Kirkland
Head of Platform Team

This email has been sent as it contains important information about your service from PlusNet. Please do not reply to this email, as this is an unmonitored address./[unquote]

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Is this for real?????

Got one here too.

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Is this for real?????

I got it too, but dont try and change it for a really complicated password, because you are restriced to 8 characters
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Is this for real?????

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Is this for real?????

I also got one of these but what really gets me is that for a long time many of us here were trying to get plusnet to allow for more than an eight character password

Plusnet of course in there infinite wisdom decided that it wasnt worth the effort of persuing and did nothing about giving us more security

It would now appear that the decision to do nothing now has the possible potential of biting them on the backside

So plusnet after all that asking for passwords to be made more secure how about having a rethink on your previous decision to do nothing ?

Is this for real?????

You can't change it anyway, I've tried a few times and nada and the stupidity of only between 5 to 8 characters. Screams.

Thanks for the response everyone.


Is this for real?????

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