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Is this a joke ?


Is this a joke ?

Firstly I have to say how thankful I am that I have a migration in process to another ISP as this is just the icing on the cake after 3 months of problems where plusnet just don't seem to be able to get a grasp on even the simplest of issues.

I have a private domain hosted by plusnet, until 3 days ago I had no reason to use that domain to send or receive email, but seeing as I am now moving my service, I intend to start using the domain name to recieve email via POP3 as I change registration data for other services etc..
Luckily I sent a test message to myself as this message was undeliverable and was returned.
I contacted support via telephone yesterday and after 5 minutes of trying to explain that I just wanted to retrieve this mail along with my plus account via POP, they finally understood and I was told that my mail account 'required maintainence' which would take around 6 hours (obviously DNS and/or MX records)
6 hours past, in fact over 12, before I decided to test the mail again, to find that it wasn't returned to me this time, only hold on, nor was it retrieved via POP.
I telephoned support again, to be told that they would send some test messages through and had I not received them within 30 minutes, to please raise a ticket.
Sure enough 45 minutes later I'm raising a ticket, a little later in the day I receive a telling me to check my mail client settings !

Plusnet, you never do cease to amaze me, yet again you send me another generic, insulting reply !

I have told you twice now that mail is coming into my plus account absolutely fine and the problem is ONLY with my domain.

Please please please, for once get a grip on the actual problem and fix it !

Is this a joke ?

Ah sounds familar... hence why I moved.. NewNet <3