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Is there a problem with my ADSL set up?


Is there a problem with my ADSL set up?

On the 13/05 the first payment was taken out of my bank account. I then expected to recieve the ADSL starter pack within the 'usual 7-10 days'.
I have checked the process and it has been stuck at the BT end for a good few days now, I am a little worried as I was told on the phone that the Router etc would be sent on the 23rd May.
I'm not moaning, I'm just a little concerned, and I'm hoping that someone can get back to me...
Also I assume that the next payment will be a month from when I physically access the Internet through your ISP?

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Is there a problem with my ADSL set up?

Raise a contact us ticket and they will be able to give you an answer.

Your first payment is your activation fee + hardware.
Your second payment is taken out on the day your ADSL is activated. Not the day your hardware arrives.

Your subscriptions after that should be on a monthly basis (assuming you pay monthly).