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Is my website being throttled down?


Is my website being throttled down?

I have two websites on the CGI server. (I hate to advertise but it is necessary for you to try)

The 1st one isnt working tonight.

The 2nd one is.

Now even I can see that it cant be the CGI server thats slow tonight if my one site is loading straight away (and not from cache)

So does that mean that I am using over my bandwidth for ?
so it has been throttled down to limit access?

The new server you have promised in 1 week or two, will that alleviate my individual problem that I am getting now? Otherwise I am serious that I need to find another host for my websites.

Also, will the new server allow tidy web addresses like instead of using the CGI address?

Steve Watkins



RE: Is my website being throttled down?

Hi There,

We don't throttle individual sites on the CGI server, and we would advise of any bandwidth problems before we did anything.

I don't have any obvious suggestions for this, if one site is running and the other isn't. Have you checked your scripts are functioning normally?

I'm not to investigate if I can, but this woulden't immediately seem like a server problem.

www.domainname is available now, although you need to point your whole domain name to the CGI server then, which does mean that you can't use your normal non CGI webspace with the domain. To do this set up the following records via the portal:

Then raise a ticket on your account asking us to set your domains www service to "Semi Automatic". This should take around 2 hours to take affect.


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support