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Is it quicker to migrate or have new connection?


Is it quicker to migrate or have new connection?

Hello Ladies & Gents

My brother has been kicked out of wannado..ROFL, over doing the bandwidth Tongue

My question is, would he be better migrating to plusnet or waiting until his current contract runs out (5 days) and starting fresh?

He is on 1mb with them, and wants 2mb here. Are there any extra costs involved with migration etc.

Yes, he's phoned up, but the customer services advisor confused matters with babble, hence my post here. Wink
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Is it quicker to migrate or have new connection?

If he migrates to +net downtime will be about 30 Minutes if he leaves within 1st year will need to pay +net the £14.99 migration fee. To upgrade from 1M to 2m will cost £14.99 or wait for free upgrade whenever that will happen.
If he ceases and resupply down time about 2 weeks maybe more if he goes for the free activation he will need to stay with +net for 5 years before it becomes completely free and will need to pay a one off fee of £11.75 i think for a monthly contract. I think thats about it if i've missed anything i'm sure someone will come along and correct me.So i would think migration would be the cheapest and quickest option if his line hasn't been ceased by previous ISP and they will issue him with a MAC code.