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Is it actupossible to get decent Customer Service from Plus?


Is it actupossible to get decent Customer Service from Plus?

After seeing some brief improvment after the abysmal service in April/May of this year I have been horrified by how bad this has become again.

And not just bad as in slow response to tickets, it has now degenerated to the level where agents make promises and then do not follow them up and they have actually hung up in mid call and been activiely rude to my partner.

We have moved house:

First they set us up with the wrong product.
Second they tried to tell us that speeds of 3-10k were acceptable when the line was synching at the full speed.
Then they promised to report our issue to BT and took nearly 2 weeks to do so from that date thus watsing more time.
Now we have lost all connection and they are refusing to action our ticket or even update us on what is going on.

During this saga they have consistently attempted to mislead about technical issues - not smart when talking to poeple who dop this for a living in a corporate environment where we actually have to solve our fault issues. In addition when staff at our company who are rude to customers or fail to take promised actions we would then bend over backwards to make up for that poor treatment rather than continuing to ignore the ticket.

We pay additional money each month for a business service and are seeing less rather than more in terms of what we get.

Currently this is costing me £40 per day minimum in lost business and I can't even get through on the supposed Business support number.

Can anyone share any mehtods they have legal or otherwise to get Plus.Net to actually do anything apart from collecteing the monthly fee and fobbing their customers off?
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Is it actupossible to get decent Customer Service from Plus?


Looking at the account the fault's currently with BT and we're waiting for them to get back to us, it was raised on Saturday so shouldn't be much longer before we get a reply (BT usually say 48-72 hours).