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Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2


Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

As the old thread had gotten a little long to read through, I've locked it, and started this thread for continuation of the discussion.

The remainder of this post is a direct copy of the original post by Liam M (lmartin, Plusnet Comms Team)


We are pleased to announce that the future of Broadband arrived this morning in the form of ‘Broadband Your Way’. Broadband Your Way replaces our existing product set for all new PlusNet customers. Existing customers will be able to remain on their current products, but as of this morning our previous products have all been withdrawn from sale.

Four Options
Our new offering, Broadband Your Way, is available in 4 base options with included allowances as follows :

Option 1 - £9.99 – 1GB included usage
Option 2 - £14.99 – 8GB included usage
Option 3 - £19.99 – 20GB included usage
Option 4 - £29.99 – 40GB included usage

You can choose to have your Broadband Your Way as a fixed price product, or you can opt to bolt on extra usage. If you want extra usage, then you can opt to pre-pay for it at a cost of 75p per GB per month, or post-pay at £1.00 per GB – once you have hit your included allowance. If you don’t wish to post-pay for usage, or don’t add any pre-paid extra usage, then your broadband speeds will be restricted to 128kbps once you hit your monthly usage allowance and have used any pre-paid extra usage.

If you’ve configured your Broadband Your Way to post-pay extra GB’s, then we have adapted the ‘Data Transfer Watch’ tool to enable you to set a maximum price that you would like to pay. Once this is reached, we will stop adding extra usage blocks and your speeds will instead be reduced across the board to 128kbps. This enables you to continue to use your Broadband connection, but at a reduced speed until a new billing month starts.

Usage is counted between the hours of 8:00am and Midnight every day and includes both Uploads and Downloads. Outside of these hours usage is free of charge and not taken from your usage allowance. All usage allowances and pre/post-pay extra usage is calculated by billing month and is reset on your billing date.

Product Features
Broadband Your Way is provided with speeds of ‘Up to 8Mb’ and is based on a Monthly Contract.

The new product includes all the popular product features as our Broadband Premier and Pay As You Go products used to. The following are just some of the features included at no extra cost in your monthly subscription:-
- Broadband Firewall
- Unlimited Email addresses
- Anti-Virus and Spam Detection on Email
- Included Broadband Phone minutes
- 250MB Webspace with 250MB daily traffic allowance
- MySQL Database Hosting
- CGI Server Hosting
- FrontPage Extensions
- Ability to host up to 5 domains
- Text Usenet Access
- 0808 Free Dialup if you open a Broadband Fault

You can view the full list of features here.

Broadband Your Way comes with a Dynamic IP address by default, but with the ability to enable a Static IP at no extra cost. If you do not know what a Static IP is, it is likely you do not need one. A Static IP can be activated at any time, via the Member Centre. Customers moving onto Broadband Your Way from a current product with a Static IP will retain it following the change of product.

Product Changes
Going forwards, all new signups will be onto a Broadband Your Way option. We will make no charges for you to more to Broadband Your Way. Once on Broadband Your Way, you can change your included allowances or switch options once a month without incurring any downgrade charges.

Broadband Your Way on our Broadband Network
We’ve updated our Help and Support pages with more information than ever before on how we manage these products on our network. We prioritise traffic differently on the different options.

For information on how you can expect Broadband Your Way to perform, see the following information :

Expected Speeds
Traffic Prioritisation

Free Setup Offer Evolved
The hardware provided with our Free Setup option is changing. Customers signing up to Options 1 or 2 can order a 1 Port router, whilst signups to Options 3 or 4 can get a Wireless Router. There is no charge for this hardware or activation if the customer is with us for 12 months or more. Broadband Your Way is a monthly contract product, so customers can choose to repay us for the hardware and activation and leave without any penalties.

Broadband Your Way – what’s next?
This is just the start of Broadband Your Way. Our intention is to constantly evolve Broadband Your Way with new features, management tools and additional services. The next features we'll launch include:
• A 'speed boost' facility to deliver a 5-star experience for downloads
• A BT Home Hub hardware option
• Bundled WiFi minutes with BT Openzone
• Improvements and enhancements to the 'Broadband Your Way Control Panel'
• Sliding-scale referral values based on the amount you spend

Geographical Support
In response to feedback from the PlusNet Usergroup and following discussions at our Customer Open Day, we are pleased to announce that we will be launching a geographical number to contact support in May. This will allow many customers to benefit from using their inclusive minutes in their home or mobile phone packages if they need to contact us.

More information
We’ll be emailing all our customers over the next week informing them of these new products now available to them. For more information about our Broadband Your Way products, see the product pages on our website, here:-


We will keep an updated FAQ with questions from the Community on our Community Site Blog at :
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Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

I was trying to keep this in a separate thread, as I felt it was fairly important (and would get lost in a 25 page thread), however the moderators seemed to have locked everything that mentions BBYW, so as requested I'll post it here instead:

Hi everyone,

Before switching to BBYW, can I suggest that everyone checks that their router/modem can access the network with the username in the format ''?

I was on PAYG and my username was in the format ''. Unfortunately, this isn't compatible with the BBYW network, so I had no broadband access yesterday. (In the switch, my access to the RIN network had also been removed, so I couldn't use that either).

I phoned, but unfortunately they couldn't give me access to the the realm, as it requires BT to do it. So I didn't have access to the internet at all yesterday - and I doubt I'll get any compensation for what was essentially a mistake. (You would have thought that before connecting you to a new package they would check that you can access it!)

Hope this helps someone!


And godsell4 clarified my post with:

To be clear ...

If moving to BBYW then <username> is BAD and <username> is GOOD for logging into a BBYW account.
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Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

Morning all,

I've just upped this to a P1 problem which can be tracked on the portal here.

Kind Rgds,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
If I've been helpful then please give thanks ⤵


Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

OK so i have not seen a reply to my earlier question, unless I missed it in the 25 or so pages.
At present I have Netannounce on my account BB Premier 1. I am thinking of going to BBYW Option 3. This has My Circular. can someone tell me what the difference is and if I change will I lose all my contacts etc?
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Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

As the previous thread was locked after I made my post I have included my question here instead.
Just to through the topic on a slightly different tack. How does BBYW compare with the Small Business Broadband (£19.99 ex VAT) which is advertised as Peak Time Performance. Are the limitations (speed / protocol) on both types of products the same?
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Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

Repeat of my post:
I'm thinking of moving from Premier to Option 2, can you clarify the following points?

It sounds like 'Legitimate' FTP downloads of software updates, etc. are likely to be throttled to a very low rate. However uploads are at line rate (okay only 300kbps), so updating my [non-plusnet] website will not be affected?

There may be a 'speed boost' feature introduced at some point... Any chance of making this 'automatic'? i.e. It's always on, until you reach a certain monthly quota, then it gets shut off for the rest of the month... Kind of like how the current traffic shaping works Wink

I run a web server and media server on my home network and a few other bits and bobs, so I rely on having an always on connection, is there an 'idle' timeout on the new products?

Having recently been on holiday over the Easter period and a couple of other occasions, I noticed that VMBU did not show any dip in my internet usage, so I kind of doubt its accuracy. Is this a common problem? Should I raise a ticket? It makes me worried about moving to a more restricted product, if the usage isn't correctly tracked.

Is there anywhere contractual that states the exact details of the 'deferred' activation fee bits and bobs, I may be moving house in the near future, but did not intend to migrate away from PN. So some reassurance that I would only have to pay the £6 would be nice.


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Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

Has anyone posted saying exactly what is blocked on BBYW Option 1.

I know VPNs are blocked, but there seems to have been a lot of confusion over remote desktops of verious guises, and SSH which would mean no access to ccgi.

Can we have one straight answer telling us exactly what is blocked?

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Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

I have already asked the ssh question twice.

The first time was on the old introductory BBYW thread which was closed for having too much discussion before my question was answered.

Consequently, I asked again in a new thread which was then closed by a plusnet administrator who didn't answer my question.

Until now, I thought the people complaining about plusnet were just whinging. Now I'm getting annoyed. I just want an answer to my question:

What precisely do you mean by VPN? The wikipedia article includes many possibilities.

My problem is that I use ssh to tunnel ports from my work network to home so that I can access my work imap and http+proxy servers as a local user and so that I can ssh to work machines other than the gateway. According to wikipedia, this could be considered a VPN. On the other hand, it's a low bandwidth use and only requires (long-life) ssh connections?

Will I be OK with BBYW 1? I'm a non-gaming, non file-sharing 2GB PAYG customer so it looks good to me.

If I don't hear soon, I'm going to move provider just as a protest (and I will report any failure to facilitate that process to the regulator).
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Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

Would PN be able to answer the following questions:

  • The number of domains that can be hosted free with each option?
  • Expected speeds for upload/downloads to online picture sites (e.g. Photobox, Picasa etc)?
  • How much will the 'speed boost' cost and will it be linked to BT Vision?

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    Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2


    I have reopen your separate thread on this subject. As your question is being lost in the long threads.

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    Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

    Just a comment.

    I got the following message this morning:

    "9:05am, Tuesday 17th April 2007
    We would like to inform you that your Help Assistant Question [ 21681833 ] has now been returned to the CSC - Account Change pool. A member of our Support Team will investigate your issue as soon as possible."

    The ticket was not one I'd opened for an 'issue' to be 'investigated' but one that was automatically created last week when I signed up to 'downgrade' my account from PAYG to BBYW. Rather odd wording for that, don't you think? Presumably it's an automated reply but even so ......
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    Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

    Hi there,

    That's the default 'ticket on/off hold' message. Basically account change tickets are placed on hold until the relevant date, and then a CSC agent will make the necessary changes.

    I'd expect a reply shortly confirming that it's all been sorted for you.
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    Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

    Thought as much!

    When I signed up, I got the message that my account would be changed over to BBYW on my next billing date, which is next week, and that it would be put on hold till today, so I was expecting to hear something.
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    Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

    If I switch from PAYG to BBYW Option 2 and find that it doesn't suit me, will I be able to switch back or will I be stuck with BBYW?
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    Introducing Broadband Your Way Part 2

    You won't be able to switch back as the legacy products are no longer available for sale.