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Intimidating language used in VMBU

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Registered: 02-09-2007

Intimidating language used in VMBU

OK, so today I discover that I'm one of the approximately 15 customers that do not have their usage reset on their billing date. OK, I'm a laid back sort of guy, so I'm not going to get too excited about this - even when I have fairly compelling evidence that PlusNet's VMBU is overestimating my usage. This is now on the record as a ticket, and I await the CS response with interest Wink

Right, so I've carried all my usage over from my last billing period. I strayed just over 10GB peak usage for Premier Option 1 on the last day of my last billing cycle. Fair enough, it was a busy month, and some urgent things needed sorting during the evening. Despite the fact that this has not yet been reset, I'm still not getting excited.

I've now just exceeded 12.5GB - probably not helped by watching the build up and first match of the World Cup Wink It had to be done, to see how it performed - and I have to say it was flawless.

What does concern me somewhat is the language used for the level 2 notification on the VMBU page.

Your peak-time usage is not compatible with your account type. Please take steps to reduce your usage. If you often need more than your allowance, we recommend you upgrade your account.

This is very intimidating, given the account is promoted as 15GB peak usage. Why, therefore, is my usage not compatible? Now, was I approaching the 30GB mark, or possibly was pushing beyond 15GB, then I could understand this language but surely, as I said in another thread in defence of PlusNet, these are notification messages, not warnings. The account is still be operated within the bounds of what is publicised as acceptable.

So, come on PlusNet, couldn't we have some more customer focused, friendly language for these messages on the VMBU? As you say on the forums, children may be watching, and you don't want to frighten the life out of them ;-)

Regards, Neil