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Internet same speed as before upgrade. Read this


Internet same speed as before upgrade. Read this


I recently had a problem with my connection. I couldnt find any forum post regarding the problem and F9 did not get back to me. So in the end i figured it out myself. So here is the Problem and solution:

Q: Line was upgraded to 2.2mb from 512kb. Modem responded by also saying it was connected to the F9 network at 2.2mb But when you do a line speed test it only returns just under 512kb.

A: I found that by re-installing the modem somehow it reconfigured my settings and know allows me to connect at the full 2.2mb. I am now able to download at an impresive 220kb a second.

Modem was a bit of nightmare to configure (advice dont get a dynamode modem)

Hope this helps anyone else in the same situation.


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Hello sion3000

This has NOTHING repeat NOTHING!! too do with your own equipement and has everything too do with your connection still being throttled back. OR to put it another way you will now need to contact Force9 customer support (after or post upgrade) and ask them to UNTHROTTLE your connection for you. They should be able to do that pretty swiftly (possibly even over the phone?) once done you may still require another quick reboot of your system but after that you should get the full 2MB's and you would be advised to run a speed test either F9's or use the tester on

hope you enjoy!! Regards Ivan
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Internet same speed as before upgrade. Read this


There shouldn't be a need for us to manually unthrottle accounts any more as this is done automatically. There are instances where the regrade may be completed early and as such there may be a few days before the account changes are made at our side.

It's always recommended you disconnect and reconnect after a regrade or account change though.

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Bob Pullen
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