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Internet Access


Internet Access

OK - i am a newcomer to PN < one month and broadband. Installed Netgear DG834GT wireless modem/router - all working well and then web pages stop loading - the connection seems to hang.
Modem and router is correctly configured. I have nothing else connected on the any of the other phone sockets in the house. When reviewing the status on the netgear router everything looks fine. Can someone tell me what is happening out there and why I sometimes just cannot get on the internet as it is driving me mad :?:

same problem

yes i am finding this too - and also a newcomer to PlusNet of one month - previously on Bulldog and moved seeking a more reliable broadband provider in terms of connection and customer service.

i have an adsl router sharing to three of us and we intermittently have connections in email, web, IM just dropping

when i check the router status it says everything is fine

things usually start up again within a minute or so ... but sometimes i have to turn the router off then on again

it is especially annoying when i am trying to remotely log in to my computer from elsewhere to find the connection just isn't there

any resolution of this would be great... or we will be toddling off to another isp :!:
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Internet Access

Have you guys read this thread?

I don't think you're on your own!

Except for 2 posts regarding the BTw page situation (on the status pages) everything else seems to have been ignored?

Internet Access

Thank you for the link to this thread - looks as if I am not alone