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Intermittent connection


Intermittent connection

After being a customer of Plusnet for 3 years, I've given up trying to use the new technical support system. You know the one that is almost impossible to find where you type in an actual question instead of patronising pages telling me what I already know as a so-called knowledge base.

My issue is that over the past 2 months, my connection light on my router flashes. It's telling me I'm in the process of losing my connection or my connection is currently intermittent. I've done everything you could possibly imagine. And it gives me lag in games or a delay when browsing on flash-intensive sites etc... which is all I use my PC time for these days.

Changed between routers (1 wireless Linksys and 1 standard Zoom), unplugged EVERYTHING for 24 hours, replaced microswitches, tried it on my work laptop and removed my phone system.

Nothing has sorted it. A couple of us, including a 3rd line support guy at Easynet, believe this problem is at provider level. But trying to talk to someone at PN is near impossible.

I would like some help on this please chaps, if possible from Plusnet, but as this isnt "official" channels, I wont hold my breath.

In passing, I must say that I've not had a bad word to say about PN over the years, but when I do have a problem I expect to be helped. This new system does not help and not being able to speak to someone is a common "management" idea which people think will free up the support services. Its lazy and poor service. I should know, I run a VAR channel for a well known ISP. We did it once for 1st line support and it was gone within in 2 months due to complaints.
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Intermittent connection

Hi timb3r,

Can you please run through the Faults Troubleshooter, then ammend this post and I will get someone to look into it for you.

I would need you to answer the fault questions first though.

Intermittent connection

Done, thanks for the response !