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Intermittant Problems - Any body else?

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Intermittant Problems - Any body else?


Is it just me, being suspicious or is something going on at PlusNet (Network Problems)?

I seem to be having temporary disconnect problems with my ISP connection. About 3 weeks ago for a whole day and again this weekend for a couple of hours and again yesterday - to the point it is pointless using ADSL at home (writing this from work).

The My D-Link DSL 504 router (ADSL Modem / Wireless Router) reports a connection via its front panel (led) but logging in reports no connection - I think saying no LCP connection (or something very similar). I have been with Plusnet, since 2001 on Broadband and even after the upgrade, the last couple of months things have been reasonably stable.

I have also seen similar on a friend’s connection that is also in the Formby area (and now also in the Ainsdale area) and connected to Plusnet.

I can only surmise therefore, that:

a) Plusnet is temporarily going down or change in service
b) Problem in general in the BT network
c) Problem with the Formby Exchange (upgrades)
d) Problems with the Southport Exchange (upgrades)

Bearing in mind we are now talking about 3 different users - what has PlusNet (or BT) done recently to the network. Have they changed us to Tiscalli LLU when we all said NO - We are suspicious? How can three different users, different ADSL modems on different exchanges - all start to have similar disconnect, intermittent problems. What is going on?

Any ideas what I could do to diagnose problems? i.e. different server, DNS etc. i.e. BT Test set to diagnose where this 'common' problem is occurring. I have tried anyway and get Auth Failure. I have filled in a ticket, and the standard response is turning on interleaving.

I also seem to having a lot of intermediate disconnects and have to refresh my internet page 1 in two times.

Has PlusNet changed something in our service? And why should it suddenly become unstable? (along with two other users) and at a similar time. Strange or just coincidence!

I am reading the forums and reading in between the lines PlusNet have problems but just trying to get a feeling (out of 10) are these Network problems? And have they just got worse over the last couple of weeks?


Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Intermittant Problems - Any body else?

Hi Garry,

There's nothing that I'm aware of that would cause the problem our side and I would have thought that if it was a major issue there would be other reports, although it is often difficult to determine to diagnose what is causing a problem like this simply because there are a lot of different places.

For example, it could be your equipment, the phone line, the exchange, something between exchange and us or something our side.

The switching on of interleaving is an automated response from the fault system. Based on the answers you gave to the questions and as you are on Max the system has been set up to automatically enable interleaving because this has been known to correct a lot of faults of this nature.

This can take a few days to take effect, so if it makes no difference then reply back to the ticket and we can look into the problem in more detail.

What else could you do to help diagnose the problem? Well I guess a few things I could suggest, regarding the DNS problem try specifying the DNS servers in the PC's network settings. The DNS servers are:

Can you try different hardware? If you can then this at least would rule out your own equipment.