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Interleaving on or off?!

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Registered: 20-08-2007

Interleaving on or off?!


I recently had interleaving switched off on my line (Dave T actioned this for this AM).

And checking my router stats, it would see to of well half worked! As below :-

--------------------------- ATU-R Info (annex A) ----------------------------
Running Mode : G.DMT State : SHOWTIME
DS Actual Rate : 8128000 bps US Actual Rate : 448000 bps
DS maximum Rate : 11200000 bps US maximum Rate : 800000 bps
DS Path Mode : Interleave US Path Mode : Fast
NE Current Attenuation : 27.5 dB Cur SNR Margin : 12.0 dB
DS actual PSDM(C) : 00000007 US actual PSDM(R) : 00003e77
ADSL Firmware Version : 41e2be2c
-------------------------------- ATU-C Info ---------------------------------
Far Current Attenuation : 20.0 dB Far SNR Margin : 16.0 dB
CO ITU Version[0] : 000f414c CO ITU Version[1] : 43420000

As you can see, DS Path mode is still interleaved as opposed to US which is now set to Fast. It does have to be noted that my pings are now back down to 10ms (around 20ms when interleaved).

On my prior IPStream product, both of these path's were set to Fast.

Am I being to fickle here? Or is this correct?

Cheers, Paul.

Interleaving on or off?!

Where can I find out If I have interleaving turned on or off ?
I have never asked for it on but notice that this can be set to on by default for some customers.
I have noticed over the past 2 -3 weeks that My connection have constantly been dropping 2 -3 times a day..

So wanted to check if it was on or off.