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Interleaving - On or Off??


Interleaving - On or Off??

Hey Guys,

I have been upgraded to MAXDsl now for 4 days. I did notice that my speeds were up and down whenever my router rebooted.
I then noticed that Interleaving had been enabled on my line.
I put in a ticket to get it removed straight away.
I do play on XBox Live and i thought that this would put a lot of lagging into the games?

I currently connect at around 5300kbps
Downstream: 6db
Attenuation: 49db ( With interleaving enabled)
I had this response from plusnet today regarding this...

If you wish to have interleaving disabled on your line we can do this at no cost.

If interleaving is active on your line it is active for a reason. It is possible that disabling it will cause your line to become unstable. Any further fault calls which are caused by this change will have to be via the premium rate lines and turning interleaving back on will be charged at £14.99 as will all subsequent changes to this state.

Please confirm your understanding of this so that we can proceed.

So after all that, basically... Shall I leave it on or not?!


Interleaving - On or Off??

I had same warnings, therefore i left it on,

You lose about 20ms on each ping..... I mean try your Xbox Live if its not effect ed id leave it on

how do i check.

is there a way to see interleaving status on a NETGEAR DG834DG.

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Interleaving - On or Off??

Yep, get the router into debug mode and telnet to your router. To do this see top of this page.

then type

cat /proc/avalanche/avsar_modem_stats

There are two sets of tables, one for 'FAST' stats, the other for 'INTERLEAVE' stats.

If you have values in the INTERLEAVE stats ... you have been interleaved. Sad

You will want to reboot your router, to disable debug mode as it leaves it 'vulnerable' to some security problems .. so do not leave it like this 24/7.



odd i have some stats in both sections ? what gives..

AR7 DSL Modem Statistics:
[DSL Modem Stats]
US Connection Rate: 448 DS Connection Rate: 8128
DS Line Attenuation: 29 DS Margin: 7
US Line Attenuation: 17 US Margin: 27
US Payload : 84007968 DS Payload: 29240457
US Superframe Cnt : 1193884 DS Superframe Cnt: 1193884
US Transmit Power : 0 DS Transmit Power: 0
LOS errors: 0 SEF errors: 0
Frame mode: 3 Max Frame mode: 0
Trained Path: 0 US Peak Cell Rate: 1056
Trained Mode: 3 Selected Mode: 1
ATUC Vendor Code: 54535443 ATUC Revision: 2
Hybrid Selected: 1 Trellis: 1
Showtime Count: 1 DS Max Attainable Bit Rate: 9440
BitSwap: 1 US Max Attainable Bit Rate: n/a

[Upstream (TX) Interleave path]
CRC: 0 FEC: 0 NCD: 1
LCD: 0 HEC: 0

[Downstream (RX) Interleave path]
CRC: 0 FEC: 0 NCD: 0
LCD: 0 HEC: 0

[Upstream (TX) Fast path]
CRC: 4 FEC: 0 NCD: 0
LCD: 0 HEC: 0

[Downstream (RX) Fast path]
CRC: 213 FEC: 0 NCD: 0
LCD: 0 HEC: 0

[ATM Stats]
Good Cell Cnt: 1750166
Idle Cell Cnt: 19694693

Good Cell Cnt: 6091762
Idle Cell Cnt: 382979109
Bad Hec Cell Cnt: 143
Overflow Dropped Cell Cnt: 0

[SAR AAL5 Stats]
Tx PDU's: 244009
Rx PDU's: 298013
Tx Total Bytes: 73142785
Rx Total Bytes: 281682024
Tx Total Error Counts: 0
Rx Total Error Counts: 3

[OAM Stats]
Near End F5 Loop Back Count: 0
Near End F4 Loop Back Count: 0
Far End F5 Loop Back Count: 0
Far End F4 Loop Back Count: 0
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Interleaving - On or Off??

Training Path: 0 = fast, 1 = interleaved

Upstream NCD: 0 = being used, 1= not being used.

You are not running with interleaving on.

Other useful bits:

FEC = Frames error corrected - lower is better
HEC = Header errors corrected - lower is better

From the figures it looks like you have been running for a while and with a FEC/HEC count of 0, your line is VERY good and all data is being tranmsmitted and received without error.

Some would sell their granny for a line as good as you have Wink


SNR keep moving from 10 to 7 at night.... gonna try putting in a nicer rj11 cable.. and possibly re terminate my BT line into the box..

i want 8mb...
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Interleaving - On or Off??

US Connection Rate: 448 DS Connection Rate: 8128

You already have 8Mbs. If you are still within your 10 day trailling and not getting those speeds, you need to wait for that to end and then see what speeds you get.


i know im sync'd at those speed but my snr ig getting close to 6db at that speed...which i why i'm gonna try and clean my line up a little....
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Interleaving - On or Off??

The netgear is more than capable of running reliably at 6dB and even lower - mine often appears to go to 0 at times with no loss of sync or throughput.

The 834 is one of the best at coping with low SNR values and the figures you have posted with 0 FEC/HEC suggests the quality of the line is very good..

But as always, any improvement in SNR only adds to the stability.