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Inside Info on the BIG ANNOUCEMENT


Inside Info on the BIG ANNOUCEMENT

Well This Morning We have Had Inside Information onto PlusNET's Big Announcment on the UserTools Server Cheesy


grem: PlusNet are going to start selling gas and electricity
Matt: LMAO
Andy: rofl
Matt: YES
grem: but you can only use it for 3 hours peak time
Assos: lol
Matt: Get you Shaped Electricity and Gas Now with Premier Utilites Account, Now "Unlimted" (for small time before we introduce a FUP on your Electricity)
Matt: Tongue
grem: The funny thing is, they're going to piggy back off the IRAQ power grid
rob : haha
Matt: Iraq United with PlusNET
Matt: Then Iraq buys all the shares and it becomes
Matt: IraqNET

Sorry James, Ruined Your Annoucment :lol: