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Initial connection


Initial connection


I'm a new PlusNet customer and have just had my connection activated, unfortunately I'm having problems. Whilst working through the online order form I selected the "no hardware" option. I already have a suitable modem from a previous ISP from my last address and I thought that this would be sufficent. I presumed that I would be sent some form of software from PlusNet to allow me to register my connection but I have received nothing and can not seem to establish a connection.

I do not know much about this type of thing and have been trying, with a quite astounding lack of success, to contact someone at PlusNet to ask them what I need to do. The recorded message says that I need to record my fault and they will get back to me within 8 hours, fine, but then I have never been able to get to leave my message despite waiting for over 30mins on three occasions.

Therefore I am appealing to people on here on two fronts; do I infact need to purchase some new hardware from PlusNet and what is the correct procedure for contacting their support team?

Initial connection

Have a look in My Account->Connection Setting->Order Tracker you should find the setup proceedure in a PDF file. You should also have been supplied with a Username and Password (same one used to access this site).


Initial connection

Password: your password
Circuit Info: VPI=0 VCI=38
Enscapulation: PPPOA

hope this helps Cheesy