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On the 18th of May I exceeded, on Premier option 1, 10G useage on peak time. On 25 May I exceeded 12.5G. I have noted on my messages, which differ from my information email, that I exceeded the 12.5G too fast for the first warning of level 1 restrictions to be sent. Thats 7 Days to not have enough time to tell me. It took 13 hours to tell me I had gone onto level 2 restrictions. I do find it interesting that the note about 'exceeding 12.5 to fast for level 1 restrictions to be advised' tucked out of the way. Is it a bit of trying to cover up a bit of a clang? Also there is now a big 'Your peak-time usage is not compatible with your account type'. I have used 12.75G of a 15G allowance. My billing date is fast approaching and I would have to use much more than my daily average to exceed 15G. I would say I am managing my account.
I can keep within my 15G per month, I do not care that some services are slowed following a level 1 and level 2, am I allowed to continually go to say 14.5G per month without PLusNet getting stroppy?


yes you are, it's simply an auto-email and nothing to worry about, you can go over 15GB every month if you like you'll simply get managed accordingly.

It's for notification more than anything.
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There really isn't a 'stroppy' aspect to this... We have clear policies now on what is a level of usage that exceeds what our accounts are designed to offer, and the management process kicks in before that level is reached in order to gently prevent you from exceeding the overall levels. It is only when you exceed the higher SUP levels that you might find us looking to really ask you to change your usage habits or choose a more appropriate product.

So, the action you are seeing is normal, although the email about missing a level should only occur if you used, say, 2GB in 2 hours, as the script that checks for this should run at around that frequency... I have raised a case with our developers in relation to your report, (reference number 32531) and hopefully they can figure out what went wrong here.

Anyway, I just want to be clear - The emails you get are not meant to tell you off, just to inform you that your experience of the connection will change.

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OK, I understand that but you have to admit, my account now says that my useage is not suitable for my account, yet I will be keeping under 15G peak time in my billing period.
I have to say, I do not fully agree about 'gently prevent (you) from exceeding the overall levels'. After all, one restriction is to reduce my speed to 2M which means no reduction at all at the moment as that is all I get anyway. I do think that I should get full speed then BANG max restriction after exceeding 15G. If I do not exceed 15G then I can enjoy the 'experience' to the full, not 2/3 of an experience which is really what happens. You do say I can get 15G a month but really you mean 10G at full speed, then its slowewr untill I use 12.5G and then it gets slower. You do not really supply a 8M connection and keep it at line speed for the 15G allowance which you offer. Its all in the small print.
As for the bit about not enough time to send a level 1 restriction email. If you read what supposedly a person wrote on my records it suggests that I was using bandwidth like mad when I was not. Does not look good on me and also shows that whoever did it made either an assumption or just did not bother to look. The fact is he deliberately made a comment reflecting on myself which is blatently not true. Look at your own records. You know comments about customers which are not true offend some people. I am quite happy to be responsible for my own errors, but not for others, and even less for others who then blame me.
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If you can achieve it in the teeth of "management profiling" there is nothing to stop you going beyond 15GB and all the way up to the 30GB SUP limit although it would probably be inadvisable, not to mention extremely difficult, to go beyond that limit

Of course you would lose the ability to use P2P, usenet and ftp beyond 15GB so if you are tied to peak time usage and wish mainly to use those protocols at that time then you are one of those people that PlusNet has done the greatest disservice with their policy of protocol restrictions


So, the final straw. The script is being looked at because it was reported that I used so much data that there was not enough time to send a level 1 warning befire I went to level 2 - even though it took 7 days. Now I paste 2 other pieces of information
Email has been sent to,
Advises the customer that their peak-time usage during this billing month has reached 15GB.
The customer reached Level 2 too quickly for the Alert or Level 1 emails to be triggered.

Quite clearly it states that I have reached 15G. Now the next

Billing Period Peak usage Off-peak usage Total usage
12 Apr - 28 Apr 5.89GB 2.56GB 8.44GB
28 Apr - 27 May 14.39GB 4.77GB 19.16GB

Note the useage for 28th April - 27th May, my billing period? Clearly less than 15G in peak time.

So I stated earlier that I would be keeping inside the 15G. VMBU seems to say I did, emails say otherwise. Now what?
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suggest you remove your e-mail address from your post