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Impossible to 'CONTACT FORCE 9' in any way!


Impossible to 'CONTACT FORCE 9' in any way!

Does anybody else have this problem?

I've been trying to contact Sales with absolutely no joy - the 'contact us' section does NOT WORK, and will NOT let me raise a new query!

The system is absurdly complex, why not just give out a simple eMail address!

Ok you guys at Force 9, here's the deal:

I tried to reply to an email you sent me, but I guess you know how far that got me!

Here's the content of my email - please try to get it to somebody who can actually DO something, and DON'T point me at a FAQ file!

-------- Original Message --------

> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Since you offer a significantly faster service (1Mb ), to new
> customers for a SIGNIFICANTLY reduced price, I checked your 'upgrade'
> terms to see if I could migrate.
> Unfortunately, you require a FEE for this purpose!
> The consequence of your actions (AND the 'cap' you plan to introduce
> to Bandwidth), means that you now have a choice:
> 1/ I would rather stay with Force 9, it's simpler, and your service has
> been satisfactory.
> 2/ I am NOT willing to pay a fee to 'upgrade' my service to 1Mb with a
> cap. (get real, it's a free migrate EVERYWHERE!)
> 3/ Unless you're prepared to negotiate, I must request my 'MAC' number
> = in order that I can migrate to UKRTC.NET - where I can get 1Mbs,
> with a = 10Gb
> bandwidth for £17.99 WITHOUT a fee!
> Please respond - I am prepared to pay you =£17,99 per month for 1
> Mbs, = with a 10Gb cap, otherwise, please advise the date of
> termination of our = contract
> (within the next month), and advise my MAC number by return.
> Regards,
> Rafe Roberts-Taylor

Impossible to 'CONTACT FORCE 9' in any way!

They can be a little difficult to contact, it seems rather 'hit or miss' with regards people replying to that "contact us" section. You could try ringing them. Smiley

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You think Force9 Plusnet are hard to contact have you ever tried to contact Symantec its almost completely impossible?? I just see this a symptom of the times we now live in where large-ish companies or companies that have grown too big end up creating a distance between themselves and the services or products they sell or provide.

**Sadly email & websites and the internet have allowed this distancing from clients or paying customers to increase to what I perceive as absurd levels. Sometimes is positively surreal or something like off "faulty towers".

**Sadly companies can hide behined email, websites, the internet & mobile phone numbers too NOT communicate with customers whilst appearing to be making all the right noises (in other words either paying lip service or making token gestures to real customer service).

**All in all its a pretty frustrating experience to be on the end of as a customer of that I would totally agree. I think there is starting to be the first signs of a backlash against this kind of business behaviour and I hope in future that the companies that will grow and become increasingly profitable will be the ones where you can phone a number and get quickly through to a REAL HUMAN BEING geographically located in the same country as yourself NOT in a call centre thousands of miles away. Bring back real people who can provide real customer service NOT token gestures.

**Even contact by email too large companies is totally awefully where the technology can mean answers in minutes yet some companies either cannot be bothered to reply or the replys are days late and often more than useless, yet more frustration to the customer.

**NOP!! real customer service in this country is a VERY rare creature & it shines out when you meet it. And its usually a breath of fresh air when you receive it, I always want to say thank you because I am so gratefull for it but I usually just expect fobb off's or medocrity or plain bulls**t,etc. The British disease of UK business.

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Impossible to 'CONTACT FORCE 9' in any way!


pcfriend, if you pm me your details and elaborate on your enquiry then I will see if I can find the time to have a look at your account.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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