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Imap on PlusNet


Imap on PlusNet


I have been looking into using Imap for my email at PlusNet, this would very practical as I access my email both from work and home. That has made me wonder about a couple of things:

Is the set up different for the "root" email account, there I can access folders via the webmail interface([, and using Eudora I can make folders both at the top level and in the Inbox] seemed to be the case but after a refresh mailfoders in Eudora I was not able to do that Shockedops: , and the ones I had made at the top level had been put into the Inbox :shockSmiley.

With mailboxes that are not the root (wich I prefer to use as I can awoid all the essages sent to my account without a proper mailbox name), it seems I am only available to make new folders/mailboxes in the Inbox. If I try to access these through webmail I am only able to see what is in the Inbox not in the folders in it.

Is there any work around for this difference, especially the last bit makes it a little bit less useful. So is it possible to access my mailboxes with the same interface as the root account? Wink

What is the amount of email we are alloved to store on the server?


(Edited to reflect changes seen after a refresh folders in Eudora)